Somewhere In Nowhere

I stood in the middle of nowhere
Is there a miracle, I wondered?
So I observed the cloud, watched it change
As it transformed, I knew it was strange
I looked closer, I listened intently
But Your face I couldn’t see clearly
Your voice I wasn’t able to hear
I pondered if You just left me here?
Only to suffer, to know Your wrath
How do I trust and follow Your path?

I was abandoned in this nowhere
I lost hope without knowing better
The gleam of light faded through my eyes
All that was left was the sound of cries
Everywhere, I heard agony and pain
When will this stop? Will You heal us again?
May the wind sweep away all these fears
Come, save us, please wipe away these tears
Give me some faith in each tomorrow
Let me see Your face amidst this sorrow

– July 6, 2020

Maybe Tomorrow

reaching out

photo credit to kasadawai.

I’ve been living in the shadow of regret
Oftentimes I drift as I try to forget
Fantasizing about what could have been
Wondering about things I might have seen

Off to Neverland where stress does not exist
Where I accomplish all in my bucket list
Then I taste the sweetness of my liberty
And breathe the air of bliss and serenity

Well, wake up now, it’s not my reality
My imagined life is not my certainty
But maybe next day I’ll go back to my dream
Hoping someday I will be living the dream

– June 16, 2020

This Too Shall Pass

It’s consuming me and I’m feeling helpless
I’m close to losing my wit and I’m restless
How do I feel secure? How do I stay calm?
When every little thing seems to cause me harm

I live in fear, each day I face distress
Little by little, I am feeling hopeless
Tell me how to be comfortable again
Make me safe, let me be in control again

So as I sleep, I ask for a better day
To have faith and courage, that’s all I could pray
Let my worries subside, things will be all right
I know this will pass, just always hang on tight

– June 11, 2020

More Than Spring


You’re more beautiful than the flowers
Your smile shines brighter than the sun
You are the answer to my prayers
You are my love, the only one

You bring more colours to life than spring
Your touch is soothing me when I’m cold
You’re truly a wonderful blessing
Your presence gives light in this bleak world

You embody genuine happiness
You’re the hope that makes each day better
Your innocence tells me there’s greatness
And I love you now and forever

– May 26, 2020

New Norm

I’m anxious, I fret, I live in fear
Clouded mind, with vision that’s unclear
Maybe I just need a stronger faith
Then believe this will lead us to fate

But what if this is our destiny
This crisis is our new normalcy
Should I surrender or should I fight
When hope is not even in sight

How do I cope and not worry
How do I face this reality
How I wish for this to be over
For now, I can only say a prayer

– April 21, 2020

Not Writing

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I haven’t written a thing
During this quarantine
My creative side went blank
Somehow my brain just sank

And I feel like I’m floating
My thoughts are simply drifting
Towards something I don’t know
So I just go with the flow

But it drives me to nowhere
Insanity everywhere
I wonder when will I find
A productive set of mind

– April 20, 2020


It was smaller than a dot
So small that you couldn’t even see it
It was ignored
It was neglected
It was full of wrath
It wanted revenge
For reason unknown to humans
But first, it needed a host
To take control
To execute its plan
But until then…

Then the one showed up
It was so excited
It hurried up and took command
It spread faster than a wild fire
It conquered the world
With such an overwhelming power
Hating everyone it encountered
Leaving sorrow and misery
Telling everyone “LOOK! THIS IS ME”
All peoples were stunned
But there was still hope…

A hope for salvation
A greater might will surely intercede
It will be overthrown
By unity, by love
By trust and by faith
Soon, it will be buried and forgotten
The divine power will succeed
Leaving a reminder to everyone
“So do not fear for I am with you
Do not be dismayed for I am your God…” (Isaiah 41:10)
His power is beyond measure

– March 30, 2020

Letter To A Second Chance For Love


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Letting you go was the hardest thing I did
But we needed space to stop our hearts to bleed
Since years have passed, I thought what we had was through
Now this is for love rekindling me and you

I was lost for words when I saw you again
Magic was still there, it seemed nothing had changed
Except this time it feels perfect, it feels right
This is for love that I’ll now give all my might

So thank you, love, for coming back into my life
Let’s not dwell in the past, move on from our strife
This time let’s promise to stay no matter what
This is for our second chance to make this last

– October 20, 2017


People think I maybe crazy
Crazy to seek for something
Something that will satisfy me
Me, myself and the life I’m living

Yes, you can call me insane
Insane for wanting to be free
Free from all the hurt and pain
Pain from loving you so deeply

Of course, I am eccentric
Eccentric to be alone
Alone so I would not get sick
Sick from pleasing the world I own

Madness – this was my story
Story of the life I once lived
Lived with regrets just to feel sorry
Sorry for me so I can again live

– February 24, 2020

Find Me, Save Me

I am hesitant to go beyond
To go far and see what is out there
I’m lost, waiting and wanting to be found
Look for me then take me to wherever

I am afraid to brave this world alone
To walk this life without you by my side
But I am currently in the unknown
Seek for me then let’s take my fears in stride

I’m scared to face any uncertainty
To take risks and overcome my madness
Maybe you can give me some clarity
Search for me then save me from my distress

– February 12, 2020