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Author’s Note: Madaming pinagkakaabalahan sa trabaho kaya di ako nakakabalik sa blog ko. Anyway, sisimulan ko na ang pagbalik tanaw sa aking nakaraan at kung saan nagsimula ang mga confusion. Hindi talaga ako ganoon ka-proud sa English writing ko kaso pag binalikan ko kung saan nagsimula ang lahat ng confusion ko eh eto ang kauna-unahang naisulat ko tungkol dito. Ng mga panahon na iyan, alam kong gusto ko ng umalis ng audit at hinihintay ko ang resulta ng isang job interview, dapat ata patience ang title nito. anyway, enjoy… 🙂


Still no words from you
Keep on hoping for something new
Anticipating, praying, and wishing
Waiting for a new beginning

Frustrations make me feel blue
Insecurities are here again – so true
“Patience is really a virtue”
But what else shall I do?

It’s like living in a mansion
But I’m only a servant without any mission
Seeing your friends doing the same things
We’re losing hope, but we’re still believing

Everyday is a struggle
No, this time, I cannot handle!
So pressured, just please let me go
God! But I still can’t find it though

All I wanted is to get out
Although I still don’t know my whereabouts
Now, I don’t have any doubts
So, please, please, please let me out!!!

I really wanted to be free and be glad
But frustrations are there to be mad
Life’s like that, reality’s just so sad 😦
Life’s like that, some things are really bad :/

When you thought you made it, but hey, it’s not enough
Competing with your own self is just so tough
Then again, “Patience is truly a virtue”
So, just wait to finally be out of the blue

– isinulat noong March 16, 2006

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