Author’s Note: Patience… I’m just waiting for one more thing before I officially start looking for new opportunities. But while I’m enduring (and prolonging) this agony, all I have to do is to write more poems with this theme to help me get by.

Demotivated, discouraged, dissatisfied
I am really pissed and I can no longer hide
What the hell am I doing? It’s time to go!
I don’t see any light and there’s no room to grow

Pessimistic, hopeless, frustrated, and angry
I plan to leave as soon as I can, let’s hurry!
This is going nowhere, this is so terrible
Tried changing paradigm but still miserable

Underrated, unappreciated, unengaged
I’m about to burst, I need to control my rage
This is not doing me good, I’m truly annoyed
This is my trigger. This time, I cannot ignore

Bored and impatient, upset and discontented
It’s the last straw, I am no longer committed
A new environment, I badly want to flee
Just wait a little more before I soon break free

– written on September 18, 2014

My Plan

Author’s Note: This is the end of my boredom poems written and posted in the past weeks. Finally, I was able to recover. Sometimes, boredom still hits me but I no longer bother, perhaps I’m numb but whatever. I just don’t want to think about it so here it goes… Enjoy 🙂

I am stuck but I stop to care
It is to prevent me to flare
As long as I receive good pay
It is always a brighter day

I’m planning to put up a mask
And then continue do my tasks
Pretending that I’m satisfied
And all of these are justified

I’m planning to no longer hope
It is the only way to cope
Then pursue my true happiness
So I can exit from this mess

– written on September 4, 2014

Agony of Waiting

photo obtained from jmco.com

photo obtained from jmco.com

The agony of waiting
The pain of not knowing
It seems like an eternity
To finally be free

Will I reach my inner peace?
Will I finally find bliss?
Will I be able to fly?
And reach high for the sky?

The questions that I’ve been asking
The solutions that have been missing
The uncertainty that is coming
Embrace it and keep on believing

The agony of waiting
The pain of not knowing
Will there be a happy ending
To welcome my new beginning?

– written on July 23, 2013