Author’s Note: Patience… I’m just waiting for one more thing before I officially start looking for new opportunities. But while I’m enduring (and prolonging) this agony, all I have to do is to write more poems with this theme to help me get by.

Demotivated, discouraged, dissatisfied
I am really pissed and I can no longer hide
What the hell am I doing? It’s time to go!
I don’t see any light and there’s no room to grow

Pessimistic, hopeless, frustrated, and angry
I plan to leave as soon as I can, let’s hurry!
This is going nowhere, this is so terrible
Tried changing paradigm but still miserable

Underrated, unappreciated, unengaged
I’m about to burst, I need to control my rage
This is not doing me good, I’m truly annoyed
This is my trigger. This time, I cannot ignore

Bored and impatient, upset and discontented
It’s the last straw, I am no longer committed
A new environment, I badly want to flee
Just wait a little more before I soon break free

– written on September 18, 2014


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