A Prayer

Lord, thank You for all the blessings –
I treasure every victory, every challenge, struggle, and hardship
Because of these, You paved the way for my true passion
Thank You for the talent and wisdom
Thank You for my loving and supportive family, relatives, and friends
Thank You for the gift of life and death

Now, I face uncertainties at work
I’m aware that life is beyond my daily job
That there are more important things in life than work
But I want to be free from my misery and bitterness
I want my optimism and cheerfulness to resurface
And all the negativity and frustrations be erased

There are things that I can no longer control
And I’m humbly asking for Your guidance
Let Your divine intervention happen, let Your will be done
Please help me accept the things that will materialize
Please help me to trust in your ways
Please help me not to worry about the future and just concentrate on today

Lord, I pray for a new beginning
I pray for patience, courage, and strength
I thank You for this unsureness
As this helps me grow and improve myself
Lord, thank You again for all the blessings
Lord, thank You for everything that goes in my way


– written on November 3, 2014

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