Alingawngaw Ng Katahimikan (The Echo Of Silence

Author’s Note: I wrote the English translation too but it’s not as good as I have hoped or not even as good as the Filipino version but I’m posting it anyway.

Blangko ang aking isipan
Kahit nais kong magsulat
Tila nais kang awitan
Kaso boses ko ay malat

Utak ay di gumagana
Naubos ang aking katas
Walang tono na musika
Bawat bigkas, walang tatas

Biglang sara ng isipan
Inspirasyon ay napawi
Nota ng katahimikan
Ang alingawngaw sa gabi

English Translation:

My mind is just blank
But I want to write
It’s singing a song
But my voice is hoarse

Brain is not working
I ran out of juice
Out-of tune music
Each word, it’s no use

My mind has shut off
Inspiration’s gone
The note of silence
Echo of the night

– written on December 8, 2014


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