Jigsaw Puzzle


Author’s Note: I wrote the poem on January 14, 2015 and I already posted it here last month. Since this is my first attempt to write this way in English, I’m so happy with what I’ve accomplished. I’m satisfied and proud with this so I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy. 🙂


This is my second 1,000 piece puzzle. May be I was so engrossed by it the first time that I didn’t notice how awesome it is. Little by little, piece by piece; various chocolates and desserts are slowly coming to life. It’s amazing! Now I’m drooling…

Aside from segregating the pieces by color, I first look for the border and corner pieces. This is my starting point before I dig further into the puzzle. It helps me visualize the image. Next, I try to figure out the pieces beside the edges but usually this doesn’t work. Despite the border pieces, it is still vague; I just dive right into it and look for whatever that fits.

Finishing it is not an exact science. It’s wherever it takes me. The border pieces are just there as a guide. Oftentimes, I can’t find any piece that fits. I get stuck so I have to go back and check all the pieces over and over again to look for that important detail. After several minutes and still nothing, I conclude there are missing pieces. It’s frustrating! It’s like searching for a needle in a hay stack. When I reach this point, I relax, step back, then re-examine the pieces. This time, from a different angle. Then I remind myself that it underwent quality control; that there is assurance that the pieces are complete – I have to trust its creator. I just need to keep on looking for that one piece (or may be a couple) and for that special detail that will magically glue them altogether. I will just be surprised my collage is slowly forming variety of desserts. Yet again, I’m drooling…

IMG_20150117_231804It’s unbelievable how those tiny pieces of puzzle tell their own story. Each one is unique and special. Each comes in different shapes – one piece can never be a substitute of the other. Each one is key. Each contributes to be part of the overall picture. All of them are connected. If one is missing, the puzzle can never be whole.

Same as life, isn’t it?

The puzzle pieces are life experiences. The inter-connected life experiences that I fail to recognize. Then, the special details are the lessons. The key lessons that I tend to neglect. They need to be found and understood before everything falls into place.

Like doing the border pieces first, in life, I always try to begin with the end in mind. It helps me create a plan. But usually, I get confused. I get lost. I ignored a blotch of an ink without realizing it is the most critical detail. Same as solving a jigsaw, I need to be patient. I need to be determined. I need to re-focus and look at things differently. Otherwise, I will accomplish nothing. So, while keeping my faith and trust intact, I go with the flow; see where it leads me.

You know what’s the best part in solving a jigsaw puzzle? It is the experience of putting all those pieces together. I appreciate its magnificent beauty more because of the challenge and excitement of finishing it. It could get frustrating. It is time consuming. But that’s the fun part! I just have to enjoy the ride and keep on searching for the magical pieces. The process of discovery is priceless!

Life is a boundless beauty and it’s an exciting journey to get there. Let’s enjoy the ride and grab the opportunity to discover its wonder. Isn’t it amazing that those small jigsaw pieces all fit together in a masterpiece called life?

‎Life is truly a wonder
Amazing, boundless beauty
It’s something to discover
Let’s open our hearts and see

It’s to search for a needle
In a field with stack of hays
It’s a thousand piece puzzle
That will soon fall into place

Each piece is key and special
To form and fit together
Every step is material
It’s a journey to ponder


– written on February 6, 2015

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