Take Away My Misery

photo obtained from thechangeblog.com

photo obtained from thechangeblog.com

Take away my bitterness
Set me from my misery
I’m longing for your caress
But I just want to be free

Are all these pains still worth it?
When will all my sorrows end?
Desperate for us to meet
But I need my space to mend

Take away my misery
Set me from my ache and rage
Longing for simplicity
I know it should start with change

Forget all the selfishness
Stop the blame, let’s start anew
Still longing for your embrace
But it needs to come from you, too

Take away my woes and stress
Set me from my misery
Now, I need my happiness
Maybe, it’s time to be free

– written on April 10, 2015


photo obtained from www.ceothinkthank.com

photo obtained from http://www.ceothinkthank.com

Overwhelmed and restless – I’m struggling
The mind wanders but all is nothing
I can’t focus, I’m losing control
Is it normal? ‘Cause I’m hitting a wall

Step back and search for bright ideas
Stop. Think. But there’s no panacea
It’s my longest drought; I want it to end
All effort is futile; I can’t ascend

Running in circles like an endless loop
To surpass this, I need to regroup
This is my passion, my heart’s desire
Yet I’m left here feeling uninspired

– written on April 6, 2015