Too _____ To Think

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Author’s Note: So this was me almost about a year ago. I managed to overcome this and I no longer feel this way now. But sometimes, I can’t help but look back and I always need a reminder (like this) to reaffirm my choices.

Too frustrated to think
Won’t go away in a blink
Badly want to leave and quit
But hold on, just wait for it

Too uninspired to think
Maybe I should have a drink
Wonder where this is headed
Another day that I dreaded

Too miserable to think
My light is beginning to sink
Will this soon be over?
I will just escape whenever

Too mad and bitter to think
Perhaps I need a shrink
This is going nowhere
Carry on! Yeah! Whatever!

– October 14, 2014

Monotony (Original Title: Routine)

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Author’s Note: Although I post a lot of writings related to boredom and work, this isn’t exactly what I’m feeling. I love my life and enjoy my work though I can relate to the monotony of going to work everyday. As for my inspiration, I started writing this 2 days ago while reading Dexter is Dead by Jeff Lindsay. I admire his wit and writing style. To those who don’t know him, he’s the author of the Dexter novels, which is the basis of the Dexter TV series and the main character Dexter Morgan was played by Michael C. Hall. Anyway, this is not even related to the book but I just want to mention Jeff Lindsay since he’s one of my favorite authors.

The sun is beaming through my window curtains
Wake up now or I will miss my bus then my train
Breakfast, shower – in autopilot mode again
Nothing exciting today, my day is just plain

The cold morning breeze, now, I can feel its chill
I must stretch these muscles; must work to pay the bills
There’s nothing new today, I have some time to kill
Fall has begun, at least the season is not still

The office appears busy, all filled with tasks
I need to pretend; this is not the time to bask
But I don’t belong, I need to put on my mask
All I want is passion! Is it too much to ask?

The hours then fly, finally, it’s time to leave
Look forward to the night, it’s my only reprieve
Then lose all inhibitions, stop being naive
Sleep soon, then next day, repeat these to live

– September 23, 2015

Waking Up Late

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Author’s Note: Yesterday, I woke up at 5:45 AM, about an hour later than my usual! I panicked as I always need to leave at 6:10 AM or else I’m going to miss my bus and my train. I didn’t know how I managed to still catch my bus. So while sitting in the bus and then waiting at the train platform, I wrote this short poem.

My morning happened in a blur
Fifteen minutes! I’m out the door
Everything was done in a rush
It simply went by in a flash
Skip breakfast and I am starving
Empty stomach, it’s complaining
Routine has changed, I am bothered
Autopilot interrupted
Now I am in a grumpy state
Consequence of waking up late

p.s. related to my previous post, “2015 So Far…”, today is the Fed meeting – will Yellen finally increase the rates after so many years? And in the Philippines, Senator Grace Poe officially announced her candidacy in the Presidential Poll in the May 2016 election.

– September 16, 2015

2015 So Far…

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Author’s Note: This is 2015 so far from market/economic/current events perspective. Globally, people are waiting for the Fed meeting on Thursday. In the Philippines, Senator Grace Poe will announce her 2016 plans tomorrow. As I was reading the news yesterday, hurray! I got an inspiration!

Grexit and Greece’s default
It is the Eurozone’s fault
Oil prices below $40
Commuters cheer happily
China’s stock market has crashed
Investors wanting to cash
Drought in the Western region
A climate change condition
All awaits for Yellen’s acts
Will the Fed still be on track?
Canada’s recession looms
Loonie continues to doom
Debate on Oct election
Balanced budget in question
Poloz has cut 50 bps*
Oh why is my mortgage fixed?
Donald Trump for President
Now THIS is entertainment!

Mamasapano tragedy
Where is the truth and justice?
Binay vs Poe – who’s it?
Roxas still counting on it
Noise for the May election
Still no cure for corruption
Customs practice is exposed
Don’t expect it to be solved
4-hour drive within Metro
Worsening traffic, oh! Doh!
Lizquen, Jadine, Kathniel fad
Trending topic is Aldub!

*bps – this is pronounced as “bips” and is short for basis points. People in finance usually use this term instead of percentages: 100 bps is equal to 1%.

– September 14, 2015

Once In A Blue Moon

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Author’s Note: I’m not a mushy type of person but of course just like the title of this poem, once in a blue moon, I write love poems. This was written in 2011 after I woke up from a dream about my first love.

Once in a blue moon I dream of you
And I can’t help but think of my past that made me blue
Once in a blue moon I think of the decades gone by
Remembering the love lost and how it made me cry

Back then, I had lots of questions
Back then, you were my major distraction
“Why do I love you?”, I often asked
Finding the answers seemed to be the hardest task

Now, I am very much happy and fulfilled
Now, all the blanks in the past are filled
Now I know why we were not meant to be
It is with him that I feel this love and glee

Once in a blue moon I see you in my dream
And my fear of losing him is all confirmed
Once in a blue moon I think of you
And it made me feel grateful that I’m not with you

– December 12, 2011

Midori and Seiji

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Author’s Note: This is a story (or a poem) about Midori and Seiji from the Japanese cartoon (anime) and comics (manga) “Midori Days”. I was standing in the train platform in a cold December and my mind wandered about a scene from the anime and I wrote this. Here goes…

In the train she saw him for the first time
She said: “I wish him to be mine”
She wants to be near him, be his friend
She hopes the time with him would never end

He’s a madman they say
She doesn’t mind, she doesn’t care
She understands him, she knows him well
For her love is real though she couldn’t tell

She watches him from afar
She wants to be part of him somehow
Even if it means giving up  her life
For that would make living worth while

In the train he’s always standing
He is oblivious to his surroundings
His days simply walk on by
He is never prepared for a big surprise

He’s a madman they say
Whose path will always go astray
Deep inside he has a big good heart
And his lonely soul is just searching for love

He doesn’t know she exists – she’s just there
He wanders somewhere else, doesn’t notice her
Someday she’ll become part of his life
And this true love he will finally then realize

– December 23, 2010