Midori and Seiji

photo credit to new-anime.com

photo credit to new-anime.com

Author’s Note: This is a story (or a poem) about Midori and Seiji from the Japanese cartoon (anime) and comics (manga) “Midori Days”. I was standing in the train platform in a cold December and my mind wandered about a scene from the anime and I wrote this. Here goes…

In the train she saw him for the first time
She said: “I wish him to be mine”
She wants to be near him, be his friend
She hopes the time with him would never end

He’s a madman they say
She doesn’t mind, she doesn’t care
She understands him, she knows him well
For her love is real though she couldn’t tell

She watches him from afar
She wants to be part of him somehow
Even if it means giving up  her life
For that would make living worth while

In the train he’s always standing
He is oblivious to his surroundings
His days simply walk on by
He is never prepared for a big surprise

He’s a madman they say
Whose path will always go astray
Deep inside he has a big good heart
And his lonely soul is just searching for love

He doesn’t know she exists – she’s just there
He wanders somewhere else, doesn’t notice her
Someday she’ll become part of his life
And this true love he will finally then realize

– December 23, 2010


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