Waking Up Late

photo credit to jessruns.com

photo credit to jessruns.com

Author’s Note: Yesterday, I woke up at 5:45 AM, about an hour later than my usual! I panicked as I always need to leave at 6:10 AM or else I’m going to miss my bus and my train. I didn’t know how I managed to still catch my bus. So while sitting in the bus and then waiting at the train platform, I wrote this short poem.

My morning happened in a blur
Fifteen minutes! I’m out the door
Everything was done in a rush
It simply went by in a flash
Skip breakfast and I am starving
Empty stomach, it’s complaining
Routine has changed, I am bothered
Autopilot interrupted
Now I am in a grumpy state
Consequence of waking up late

p.s. related to my previous post, “2015 So Far…”, today is the Fed meeting – will Yellen finally increase the rates after so many years? And in the Philippines, Senator Grace Poe officially announced her candidacy in the Presidential Poll in the May 2016 election.

– September 16, 2015


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