Monotony (Original Title: Routine)

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Author’s Note: Although I post a lot of writings related to boredom and work, this isn’t exactly what I’m feeling. I love my life and enjoy my work though I can relate to the monotony of going to work everyday. As for my inspiration, I started writing this 2 days ago while reading Dexter is Dead by Jeff Lindsay. I admire his wit and writing style. To those who don’t know him, he’s the author of the Dexter novels, which is the basis of the Dexter TV series and the main character Dexter Morgan was played by Michael C. Hall. Anyway, this is not even related to the book but I just want to mention Jeff Lindsay since he’s one of my favorite authors.

The sun is beaming through my window curtains
Wake up now or I will miss my bus then my train
Breakfast, shower – in autopilot mode again
Nothing exciting today, my day is just plain

The cold morning breeze, now, I can feel its chill
I must stretch these muscles; must work to pay the bills
There’s nothing new today, I have some time to kill
Fall has begun, at least the season is not still

The office appears busy, all filled with tasks
I need to pretend; this is not the time to bask
But I don’t belong, I need to put on my mask
All I want is passion! Is it too much to ask?

The hours then fly, finally, it’s time to leave
Look forward to the night, it’s my only reprieve
Then lose all inhibitions, stop being naive
Sleep soon, then next day, repeat these to live

– September 23, 2015

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