Lurk In Shadows (Part 1)

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Author’s Note: I’ve been wanting to write a short story but I’m struggling with it so I’ll try this instead. Let’s see if I can make a short story through poetry. I’ll do this in part. I have 3 inspirations for the first part: (1) You by Caroline Kepnes and (2) Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, and the main inspiration is (3) Dark Templar, a unit in Blizzard’s Starcraft video game.

Lurking in shadows, hiding from moonlight
Counting time, observing the passersby
Hoping to have a glance of you tonight
Wondering if you will ever cross my path

Been staring at the horizon, where are you?
Trying to be patient, what must I do?
It’s getting late, I must go now, my love
My effort has failed, this is all non-sense

Morning has come, now I do my routine
But something seems off, it just doesn’t fit
Ignore and carry on; wait for the dusk
Then lurk in shadows in the usual spot.

– November 6, 2015

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