Searching for the Impossibility and Gulo

Reposting… haven’t really find the time to look for new ones but I realized I didn’t put tags in my old posts.


picture obtained from this site: picture obtained from this site:

Author’s Note: Two poems I wrote in the same day, one in English and the other in Filipino. They’re not a translation of each other but both are pertaining to one topic. I wrote this after I failed Level 2 of CFA Exam. During this time, I don’t know if I should still go on or just do other things. This was also during the years when I was so confused and looking for my passion. Here goes… p.s. I posted this in 2013, reposting it to add tags.

Searching for the Impossibility

A depressing thought inside my head
What’s going on? I cannot comprehend
Can’t leave all these things behind
Keep hunting me even when I try to hide

Nowhere to go, what path to take?
Where am I going in this mess?
Nowhere to run, I badly need a break
Cause I’ve been…

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