It’s Christmas


Scent of eggnog is in the air
Sparkling decors are everywhere
Santa’s here, he’s ready to play
It’s an amazing Christmas day!

The choirs are singing gloriously
The kids are cheering gleefully
Gifts are exchanged by everyone
It’s Christmas! It’s time to have fun!

Welcome the birth of Christ, the King
Feel the love that is outpouring
Celebrate with joy, hope and peace
Time to enjoy this Christmas feast!

– December 21, 2015

In The Sky / Sa Himpapawid


Author’s Note: This was written last year while on board a plane from Vancouver to Toronto. It was a clear day and seeing the Rocky Mountains below me just amazed me. It was a ~5hr flight and with the time zone difference, I also saw how the horizon changed its hue. The pictures were also taken from this flight. Btw, the original version is the one written in Filipino but both were written on the same day/flight.

In The Sky

This nature fascinates me
Wherever I look, the beauty stuns me
Mystery envelopes the surroundings
A smile to my lips and happiness it brings

Tall mountains with snow peak I see
Clouds with various shapes I see
Blue and white, it really amazes me
Truly brings out the kid in me

The sun will soon set, it will soon fade
The colors will change, the sky blue will then fade
This change entertains yet inspires me
As the dusk breaks, I have lots of light in me

Sa Himpapawid (Original Version)

Nakakabighani ang kalikasan
Natutulala sa twing aking pinagmamasdan
Hiwaga ang bumabalot sa kapaligiran
Na may dalang ngiti sa labi at kasiyahan

Matatayog na bundok ang aking nakikita
Iba’t-ibang ulap ang natatanaw ng mata
Asul at puti, ako’y tunay na namamangha
Tila bumalik ako sa aking pagkabata

Ilang sandali pa at lulubog na ang araw
Magpapalit ng kulay, mawawala ang bughaw
Nakakaaliw ang pagbabago at paggalaw
Sa pagsapit ng dilim, puno na ko ng tanglaw

– March 14, 2014

Set Me Free


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Author’s Note: I wrote this as if it was a song. Unfortunately, I’m not musically inclined so I couldn’t put a music into it. The chorus has been ringing in my head since the morning I woke up yesterday and I finally managed to sit down and write the entire thing. And yes, I have a vague melody to it but it’s no good. Anyways, despite the lack of music, I hope you’ll still enjoy this.

The dusk is dawning on me
Waiting for you to come near me
Then hear your heart beat next to mine
Like lovers lost in this foggy site

Watching the shadows pass me by
You stand out underneath the moonlight
I smile to myself then take courage
I approach you and feel the rave

And I… I feel like

Running naked through the night
Spread my wings then fly to the sky
I’m finally free, at last!
Yes, I’m finally free tonight!

Marking the end of my nightmare
Enjoying the warmth in the air
It’s the beginning of the dream
You pull me up from this dim

And I… I feel like

Running naked through the night
Spread my wings then fly to the sky
I’m finally free, at last!
Yes, I’m finally free tonight!

With you.. you set me free at last!

– December 7, 2015



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Words are floating inside my head
It’s a whirlwind yet a dead end
I cannot seem to comprehend
Been resisting to fight this dread

Words are flying round and round
Speak to me yet I hear no sound
Hoping to be lifted from the ground
Then be embraced so I can be found

Words are scattered in endless space
Gather up but they’re slipping away
Absorb me! Let me out of this gray
Then take me to that divine place

– December 1, 2015