Taste Of My Liberty

Ethicsalarms (com)

photo credit to ethicsalarms.com

I was beaten and covered with bruises
I fought hard to overcome this crisis
I was defeated. Slowly, I faded
My liberty, I thought I have tasted

I cried until the tears were all dried up
I fell, I stumbled. I tried to get up
But all was in vain so I let it be
Just wait and soon I’ll taste my liberty

And so I wait. With hope, I have waited
Wounds have healed and the battle has ended
Now I see light, a glimpse of victory
And sweet will be the taste of my liberty

– March 9, 2016

My (Unrealistic) Wish List


photo credit to fotosearch.com (i obtained this from another wordpress blog)

Author’s Note: I started thinking about this when I had to work on a holiday. Shoulda-woulda-coulda! Oh well, as if I could give up my day job and do these things! But it doesn’t hurt to imagine and day dream…

I could have spent every second with things I love
Like stay at home, catch up with sleep and rest some more
Or kill zombies, play and finish my video games
To clear my mind before I write a song or poem
Or learn gardening, plant seeds and pull the weeds
Or clean and tidy up, I actually enjoy that
Then read a book or two and be more inspired
Or hit the gym followed by an hour long bath
To replace the stress with uplifting thoughts and vibes
Or cook new recipes, bake pizzas and cookies
Maybe try some new hobbies and expand my skills
Like cross stitching, yarn knitting and colouring
Or re-learn to play the piano, add some music
Then go back to my songs and put the melody
Or just hang out and spend quality time with you
That never gets old, it’s what I enjoy most
I could have spent all my hours with these things I love
But I actually could NOT, it’s not practical
So let me just dream about these – my what-could-have’s

– February 26, 2016



photo credit to lihnida.deviantart.com

In the middle of the night
Someone knocked on my door
I checked and saw no one
Ignored. I went back to bed
Then, a banging on my door!
A shadow? Yet no one was in sight
I hid, stayed under the cover
I prayed. Should I call the cops?
It then stopped. Bother no more!
Then I opened my eyes and stared
In the dark, I saw a movement
I screamed but no words came out
I froze then felt an eerie chill
It stepped forward, it moved closer
It tried to envelope me
It was soothing. I was baffled.
Should I submit and just give in?

It was a thief in the night
Watching my every move
Betraying all of my thoughts
Wanting to steal my last breath
Am I ready for it?

– March 1, 2016

Tobermory (A Haiku Collection)


Author’s Note: This is long overdue. I visited Tobermory last September and that place is really amazing. It’s been five months and I’m still inspired to write about it (finally!). Tobermory is located in Ontario, Canada, around 5hr drive (to North) from Toronto and it involves trekking. The 5-hr drive and the hike are all worth it. I wish to go back there this summer and be once again inspired with nature.

Endure every step
An amazement is waiting
Nature’s true beauty

A water so clear
A lake so still and peaceful
It’s pure, it’s calming

Rocks in various forms
Arts and shapes leaving an awe
Nature’s mystery

A view from the cliff
It’s grotto, blue sky, vast lake
It’s tranquility

Sky changed to orange
Stars spreading in horizon
Truly inspiring

Enjoy every hike
Journey to a miracle
It’s Tobermory

– February 23, 2016