My (Unrealistic) Wish List


photo credit to (i obtained this from another wordpress blog)

Author’s Note: I started thinking about this when I had to work on a holiday. Shoulda-woulda-coulda! Oh well, as if I could give up my day job and do these things! But it doesn’t hurt to imagine and day dream…

I could have spent every second with things I love
Like stay at home, catch up with sleep and rest some more
Or kill zombies, play and finish my video games
To clear my mind before I write a song or poem
Or learn gardening, plant seeds and pull the weeds
Or clean and tidy up, I actually enjoy that
Then read a book or two and be more inspired
Or hit the gym followed by an hour long bath
To replace the stress with uplifting thoughts and vibes
Or cook new recipes, bake pizzas and cookies
Maybe try some new hobbies and expand my skills
Like cross stitching, yarn knitting and colouring
Or re-learn to play the piano, add some music
Then go back to my songs and put the melody
Or just hang out and spend quality time with you
That never gets old, it’s what I enjoy most
I could have spent all my hours with these things I love
But I actually could NOT, it’s not practical
So let me just dream about these – my what-could-have’s

– February 26, 2016

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