Thank You, My Inspirations


Inspiration is all around
It’s anywhere, it’s everywhere
Find it so I can be free —
Free to write and be all me

Lyrics that touch the heart
Melody that soothes the soul
Thank you Song, you inspire my core

Prologue that excites the mind
Plot that stimulates the brain
Thank you Book, you awaken my thoughts

Weather that reflects the mood
Skies, trees – all the sceneries
Thank you Nature, to you I am drawn

Occasions that create memories
Events that bring tears and laughter
Thank you Experience, with you, I grow

Feelings that move you forward
Someone whom you share the world
Thank you Love, you keep me alive

Inspiration is all around
It’s anywhere, it’s everywhere
Find it so I can be free —
Free to write and be all me

– April 28, 2016

Your Smile

Author’s Note: This is an excerpt from my last night’s long and vivid dream.

Today, I woke up from a dream –
Many were trapped in a huge mansion
Running from infected, looking for a way out
Then you were kidnapped.
People ran from one room to another.
People hid while figuring an escape route.
Until I finally found you
In a forest-like room, you were standing
You were full of life,
You were happy and free.
You asked, “How’s life? Any kids yet?”
I said, “None, of course but everything’s fine.’
Then I told you, “Let’s keep moving.
The infected are coming.”
“I’m tired from running, let me stay here.”
Unsure if I would agree but time is passing
I know I can’t force you to so I just said:
“Can I at least embrace you for one last time?”
As I was spreading my arms to hug you tight
You were slowly vanishing –
But the last thing that disappeared
Was the smile stuck in your lips…

Today, I woke up from a dream
Where I saw you happy and free.

It’s almost four years since you left
And I am still missing your presence
Your love and greatness I will never forget
And I will always remember that smile –
Your smile which was stuck in your lips
As I was embracing you last night.
I miss you. I love you, Mommy.

– May 27, 2016

I Am Fading…

I can’t sleep. I’m feeling restless.
I keep on flipping around.
Trying to figure out something
But come out with nothing.
I stare at the ceiling.
I look at the clock.
It’s past 1 and my head’s still spinning.
I must sleep and rest.
Tomorrow is another workday.
But my mind is still wide awake.
It’s searching for the impossible;
Trying to find ways to surpass this.
Yet no matter how hard I think,
I always go back to zero – to nothing!

It’s been more than a year.
I take detours; I divert my frustrations.
My fear has gradually become my reality.
I must face this now, no way to deflect it.
I tell myself to have faith, to let it be.
But I am not convinced. I am fading…

And I just always end up anxious,
without really solving anything –
Where’s my passion? Where’s my fire?
What had gone wrong? Why did it die?
How do I bring it back? How do I be inspired?
I am slowly fading into the night…

– May 2, 2016

My Irony

Author’s Note: Busy week so here’s to sum up what I am feeling in these past weeks.

It’s the feeling when you don’t know what to do –
I wake up early in each workday
Just to look forward to my end of day
I’m bored when I’m not doing much at work
I’m still bored when I’m swamped with work
I’m contemplating of changing job
But whenever I see an opportunity, I let it pass
The ironies of my life!
Clearly, something is not right!

– May 13, 2016

If I Were…


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If I were to become a successful writer
Goodbye day job! I would no longer have to care
Then I would move on, become an explorer
I would find any inspiration everywhere

If I were to become a successful writer
Goodbye boredom! Here’s a new world to discover
Then I would be free, confusions would be conquered
No more hiding, my mask would also be uncovered

But I am not. I am only a lone dreamer
Stuck in my day job, I am an uninspired worker
Searching for passion, I am a hopeless believer
If only I were a successful writer…

– April 27, 2016

Obsession Part 5 (Last Part)

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It’s been weeks since that day – the day you left
I have wounds but it’s my heart that is broken
I was with that guy. I lived in a lie.
Thanks for saving me but I miss you so bad

With fear in my eyes I finally realize
Your pledge of devotion and your love
Now I am ready, THIS is the right time
I belong to you. Nobody else but you.

And soon I will be seeing you again
In the eternal place where you’re waiting
It’s now my turn to love you endlessly
Till death do we part. Here I am, my dear.

– The End –

– April 21, 2016

Obsession Part 4

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No, I’m not crazy. Please stop the scream!
I’ll slit his throat so you’ll be enlightened
I love you truly. This has been my dream
Forget him now. It’s our start and his end

Why cry? Why the fear in your eyes?
Can’t you feel it? Can’t you feel my love?
I did everything to make you mine
He was not good for you, it’s not a lie!

This is us. ‘Till death we will part
Ahhh! Finally! You now belong to me
And I belong to you. THIS IS US!
Together in a place that’s eternal

– April 21, 2016