Another Monotony


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Author’s Note: I wrote a poem with the title “Monotony” last year, hence, I’m calling this “Another Monotony”.

It’s 4:45, it’s time to wake up
I need to rush and catch my train
Or I will be grumpy and late
But I always see things in gray
Set in a film that’s black and white
It’s another ordinary day
It’s not amusing, it’s just routine

I spend the hours at the office
I waste my precious time drifting –
Going along or zoning out
As if I am really working hard
I’m still in a film set in black and white
So I try to paint colours and hue
But I fail and I’m left without a clue

Finally, it’s time to go home
This is what I am waiting for
Now I see a rainbow, my paradise
My only escape from melancholy
It’s marking the end of insanity
Wishing for tonight to never end
For when I wake up, all is the same

– May 12, 2016



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Author’s Note: The film American Beauty (1999) is one of the inspirations in this writing. The picture showing the plastic bag was a scene from that film.

A blank canvas hung in the wall
It stares at me
A broken record in repetition
It tells a story
A plastic bag floating in mid-air
It shouts “I’m free!”
It makes me wonder…

Like a piece of paper
Like a melody
Waiting for the words to fill them
Like a bed of roses
Emanating scent –
Provoking, seducing
Stimulating the mind

But it’s beyond –
What the eyes can see
What the ears can hear
What the heart can feel
It’s not always the way it seems
It’s emptying the mind and soul
Then submit to nothingness…

– June 10, 2016

Hellish Paradise


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I was smiling cheerfully as I crossed this path
I saw a future; time to abandon my wrath
A welcome to fresh start; time to leave my cries
This was Eden, a promised paradise

Unmindful, I walked right into a quicksand
Then the atmosphere gradually changed to bland
I was drowning while I saw an impending gloom
This was turning into the Eden of Doom

Slowly, I was slipping in a gaping sink hole
I was losing oxygen; losing my soul
But I was not resisting; in full surrender
To Hellish Paradise where I was lost forever

– June 14, 2016



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Author’s Note: This happened last week. The picture – that’s exactly what we have at home. And yes, my alarm clock is set at 4:35AM in a workday.

Beep… beep…
It was 1:35AM and not 4:35!
I had 3 more hours but BEEP…
Oh! What was that?
The fire alarm!
Should I call 911?
(After 1 minute) beep…
I wanted to ignore you but
Another minute passed, BEEP…
Okay! I needed to check this
There was no smoke
There was no fire
Was it just the battery slowly dying?
Beep… beep…
Oh why did you wake me up
In the middle of the night?
Now my sleep was interrupted
My dream slipped away
My mind got an influx of rush
And I can’t go back to a far away place
Beep… beep…
I thought I removed the battery?
Beep… beep…
Oh it was the alarm!
Beep… beep…
It was the beating of my heart…

– June 8, 2016



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Author’s Note: Sorry for the curse word in this writing. I’m just frustrated at work. The last stanza where it says “my world” — it’s actually pertaining to my work life/career/day job but the word “world” just sounds better.

I keep on asking these days – “what the f*ck?”
So many times I’m tempted to go back
But I’m unsure, something’s holding me back
Though I can’t take this; I’m about to crack

Gone are my drive, my fire and my passion
I have no goal and no clear direction
Not again! I’m drowning in confusion!
What the f*ck? I allowed this vexation!?!

So here I am, cursing and complaining
While I witness my world slowly crumbling
Instead of ‘change’, look for a beginning
I say: “What the f*ck? Cheers! to my ending!”

– June 1, 2016