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Author’s Note: This happened last week. The picture – that’s exactly what we have at home. And yes, my alarm clock is set at 4:35AM in a workday.

Beep… beep…
It was 1:35AM and not 4:35!
I had 3 more hours but BEEP…
Oh! What was that?
The fire alarm!
Should I call 911?
(After 1 minute) beep…
I wanted to ignore you but
Another minute passed, BEEP…
Okay! I needed to check this
There was no smoke
There was no fire
Was it just the battery slowly dying?
Beep… beep…
Oh why did you wake me up
In the middle of the night?
Now my sleep was interrupted
My dream slipped away
My mind got an influx of rush
And I can’t go back to a far away place
Beep… beep…
I thought I removed the battery?
Beep… beep…
Oh it was the alarm!
Beep… beep…
It was the beating of my heart…

– June 8, 2016

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