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I woke up from the roar of a thunder
Then I listened to the pouring rain
I checked if you were awake
Then it hit me – you already left
You were no longer here
The tears just rolled
I wiped it off then I felt alone.
Soon, I decided to get up
Then I looked over the window
The street was wet and muddy
The garden was bleak
Petals were blown
It was a gloomy Saturday morn.
So I ate breakfast to cheer myself up
I tried to ignore the storm
Until I saw the empty chair
And I can’t help but be glum
As the rain fell,
And so were my tears
But I fought hard to be back at my feet
I tried to move on, to start anew
I acted as if all was all right
But I was helpless –
I was just feeling more low…

The thunderstorm outside was deafening
And all I heard were the roars of thunders
And the sounds of the pouring rain…

– May 24, 2016

Into The Pit


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I’m in a mess, trapped all over again
Fighting this battle not to go insane
But it’s becoming my definition
Who will I be without the confusion?

So I keep on suffering; always lost
Convincing myself this is for a cause
But I don’t see light, I’m falling below
And into the pit, that’s where I will go

I try to be numb from this misery
But a dark force so strong is pulling me
I can’t get up; I succumb to the flow
Into the pit, into the pit… I go…

– June 17, 2016

Let It Be / Hayaan Lang

Author’s Note: Originally written in my native language, Filipino.

Rest the mind and slowly close your eyes
Listen to the sorrows of your heart
Together explore and take the journey
And discover peace and serenity

Then breathe deeply and just let it be
Do not be nervous, do not worry
Do not hold back tears, just let it flow
Continue your walk in this endless road

Then leave fear for mind and heart to be whole
To forget the pain; to learn to let go
To again seek for the hope that was lost
Then heart will be opened, be filled with joy

Filipino Version:

Ipahinga ang utak, ipikit ang mga mata
Pakinggan ang pusong sumisigaw at nagdurusa
Sabayan mo ito sa paglalakbay at paggala
At tuklasin ang daang tahimik at mapayapa

Huminga ng malalim, hayaang magpadala
Huwag kang mag-alala, huwag kang mangamba
Huwag pigilan ang pagdaloy ng mga luha
Sundan lang ang walang hanggan na kalsada

Iwan ang takot, utak at puso’y magiging isa
Malilimot ang sakit, matututong magparaya
Muling mahahanap ang nawalang pag-asa
At puso ay tuluyang bubukas at sasaya

– May 19, 2016