It’s All Over… (Part I)

Author’s Note: I wrote this when I was 16 for my first love (more of infatuation). It’s a long poem so I’ll cut this into 3 parts.

Here’s part 2 and here’s part 3.

Birds sung in a wonderful hymn
The bees played with their buzzing sounds
The green grasses danced and bowed
When thee became a part of my life

Roses bloomed, the sun said hi
The trees’ leaves swayed; their branches waved
The sea greeted me; its waves touched me
They touched me so softly and gently

The air whispered things like forever
The sand sparkled like a golden fire
The river flowed like an endless ray
For I am bounded by the nature of thee

The moon smiled when I looked at it
The stars blinked and told me it’s real
The warm night reminded me
How wonderful it was to be with thee…

But the clouds became grey
Then thunders roared like a frightening mourn
The sun hid; the cloud started to cry
And the nature I saw is now a nightmare of sigh…

– March 29, 2000

Please Come Back

I wake up each day
Trying to find meaning
Stop seeing the world in gray
Searching for a beginning
Look for a reason to stay
End all questions and asking

But/So I return to my old ways
Please help me as I’m drowning

Chorus 1:
And I want you back
So won’t you please come back
Oh I need you
Need you in my life…

To ignore my cries, I play
This is me pretending
That my world is fine and gay
But without you it’s crumbling
Why did you go away?
It’s hard to take this longing

Repeat Refrain and Chorus 1

When I woke up today
I hope I was not dreaming
As I saw you in my doorway
You seemed unsure but smiling

Chorus 2:
So are you back?
Are you finally back?
Oh I badly need you
Need you in my life…

– August 3, 2016

Chasing Fire


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I have been running now I’m beat
I’m frustrated from chasing it

It vanished without any rational
Pffft! It just went on sabbatical

Yet it might be relaxing somewhere
In a far, hidden place called nowhere

Maybe it doesn’t want to be found
But its loss feels like I’m being drowned

Now this seems like a hopeless case
Please lead me, tell me how to face!

I searched everywhere and reached my limit
But I refuse to accept my defeat

So, show up before I lose my vision
Come on! Just end this hibernation!

– July 29, 2016


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Relax… close your eyes then listen
To the sound of innocence
To the sound of purity
Do you hear it? Can you hear it?
It is the laughter of the children
The kids happily playing with water
Enjoying themselves – giggling

Then unload your burdens and listen
To the sound of tranquility
To the sound of silence
Listen carefully. Do you hear it?
It is the water touching the sand
The waves gently hitting the shore
It is music to the ears – calming

Now, block the unnecessary noises
Only listen to the sound of sincerity
To the sound of honesty
Relax and focus. Can you hear it?
It is the soft voice coming from your heart
Whispering what it wants, what it needs
Do you hear it clearly now?

When you’re lost, just listen…
Listen to your heart’s whisper…

– July 11, 2016

Life Is Strange


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Author’s Note: I’m hooked at this video game, Life Is Strange, developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. The first two lines in italics (except the word tornado) are taken directly from the game; I wrote the rest. This is the first few scenes of the game.

“Where am I? What’s happening?
I’m trapped in a storm… a tornado…”

I woke up from a vision of catastrophe
I was there and it felt like a reality
But I was actually in my photography class
Thinking about my photo for my prof’s ask
But I felt insecure, having a melt down
So I went to the bathroom, tried not to frown
When out of nowhere, a blue butterfly flew by
I must take a pic, I won’t let this moment fly
Then I heard voices, a heated argument
It was my classmate and someone I haven’t met
I heard a shot and witnessed her fell; was she killed?
I reached out then suddenly the time stood still…

Then I woke up again, I was in the exact class
Whoa! This already happened, a repeat of the past
Or was it merely a dream? I needed to find out
Maybe I could still keep her from getting shot
I retraced my steps and there was the butterfly
Then the argument – must save her, she must not die
Same things did happen until I prevented the crime
Strange! Did I gain a power to rewind time?
Did I really save her but who was she?
And there was still this vision of tragedy
This felt weird, maybe I was still stuck in a dream
Or maybe I could use this to change the scheme…

– July 13, 2016