New Norm


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I am feeling a bit off, a little strange
I am nervous of this coming change
It seems odd, I’m having cold feet maybe?
Or I’m no longer used to being busy?

It’s my choice, why do I worry?
I have to trust that it won’t go awry
This is what I want, this is what I need
I know I have to follow this lead

Still, it is a bit weird, different
I have to flow and go with this current
Hope to not be stuck again in a mess
I need to have faith in this newness

– October 3, 2016

It’s Okay


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I woke up with thoughts of rejection in my head
A failure, a disappointment, don’t know what I said
I know I have to move on but I’m hitting a wall
Take a pause, a deep breath, shout and let’s sing it all

So what if there is a speed bump along the way
It doesn’t mean that things are not gonna be ok
Just smile and laugh; let’s dance, let’s celebrate life
Go crazy ’cause things are always gonna be fine
Oh it will be all right, things are gonna be fine

Found out I lost an important piece of me
I wish I could turn back, maybe I could plea
But nothing I could do, it’s beyond my control
Just cry, be sad, get mad, shout and let’s sing it all

Repeat Chorus

Sometimes I feel I made the wrong decisions
Each day I’m buried deeper in my frustration
I have to stand firm, I cannot allow to fall
No more worries, don’t fret, shout and let’s sing it all

Repeat Chorus

Let’s dance, let’s shout, let’s celebrate life

Repeat Chorus

Oh it will be all right, things are gonna be fine (to fade)

– September 13, 2016

All In My Head


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My head is feeling heavy
Something’s afloat
It’s drifting… they’re drifting
A sudden rush of thoughts
Are these hallucinations?
Memories and flashbacks
Dreams and illusions
All together as one
Just floating… just drifting
Am I having a migraine?
It’s a headache, a blood rush
Something inside is exploding
A burst of words and ideas
And my head is getting heavier
And it flows… they just flow…

– September 14, 2016

The Wait

It feels like forever
How much longer?
I’m feeling restless
This wait is endless

I wish I have a clue
So I’d know what to do
At stake is my future
This wait is a torture

The hours are passing
So what’s in the offing?
Be patient, don’t worry
But this wait is killing me

– September 16, 2016

I Will Find My Passion Again


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I used to have drive and now I have none
I have no inspirations, my fire is gone
Can’t you see this is what boredom has done!
Now I’m back to chaos, back to square one

So I went to the pit and endured the pain
Just to look for passion and be whole again
I searched everywhere but all was in vain
Now I’m lost, defeated and mentally drained

So back to drawing board, figure this out
I need to find you no matter which route
I refuse to fail but I should have no doubt
It’s the start; it’s what passion is all about

– August 31, 2016