Have You Ever? (A Writing Struggle)


photo credit to masonashley.com

Have you ever felt the words were escaping from your head?
When they already ran before you can even begin to write
Blown by the wind and all that was left were some crumbs
Or worse, you were left with just empty thoughts floating in your head?

Have you ever approached the world from a different angle?
Something beyond your perspectives, something new and not necessarily you
Then you started rambling, hoping to create a masterpiece
But then you reached a dead end and all you can do was to throw it all away?

Have you ever listened carefully to your heart to know what to do?
So you can survive, live and evolve? Then to continue to explore and write
But you were losing inspirations, afraid to leap and take chances
But have you ever fully trusted your heart and believed the words will just flow?

Do you know?
They will eventually just flow…

– October 18, 2016

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