Holiday Blues


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It’s 4PM and it’s already dark
The wind chill is piercing and I wish –
I’m at home in front of the fireplace
Enjoying its warmth and its heat
Then watch the snowfall by the window
With you by my side, admiring its beauty
Instead, here I am outside, wandering
Going nowhere, cold, lost and searching
Looking for nothing, for love, for you
Somehow, I always end up in this park
Right on this bench where we used to hang…
It’s this time of year when pain is too much
It’s reminiscent of the past, that night –
We were at this bench, giggling nonsensically
We enjoyed the cold and nothing mattered
Then you popped the question but then…
Glimpses of lies start rushing through my mind
I wish I knew what went wrong to undo it
How can I move on and see things differently
I only wish these days, the holidays, to quickly pass
So I can stop counting each snowflake
Right on this bench where we used to hang…

– December 20, 2016

It’s Christmas

Reblogging because I haven’t written anything related to the holidays and I want to have the holiday spirit. 🙂



Scent of eggnog is in the air
Sparkling decors are everywhere
Santa’s here, he’s ready to play
It’s an amazing Christmas day!

The choirs are singing gloriously
The kids are cheering gleefully
Gifts are exchanged by everyone
It’s Christmas! It’s time to have fun!

Welcome the birth of Christ, the King
Feel the love that is outpouring
Celebrate with joy, hope and peace
Time to enjoy this Christmas feast!

– December 21, 2015

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Back In Chaos


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Who would have thought I chose to be back again in chaos
It’s a different world but it’s not something I can’t cross
It takes courage, perhaps a little bit of craziness
Then a lot of smile to be ready again for the mess

Now, I forgot how much fun it could be in a chaos
Here I am hoping to bring back that something I had lost
No, I am not confused, I just need some adrenaline
To know I am still alive, healthy, and sanely breathing

Well, I guess I just missed the challenges from the chaos
Definitely, my chapter about boredom is closed
But I am unsure if this is what I am looking for
Well… at least, I don’t have to drag myself for tomorrows

– December 7, 2016

Please Stay

Slowly, slowly…
You’re drifting away
Sadly, oh so sadly
I can’t make you stay

I’m helpless, so helpless
You said you need space
Now I fear this emptiness
To long for your embrace

I understand, I know
You want this to end
But I cannot let go
We should try to mend

Slowly, eventually…
You will slip away
Sadly, oh so badly
I know you won’t stay

– November 16, 2016