The Story Of 2016 (Poem)


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Author’s Note: I started writing a yearly wrap-up in 2013. Here’s a poem summarizing my 2016, with hyperlinks to some poems I wrote last year. I also have a full text which I will post separately and probably later or tomorrow.

It was quietly disguise as a paradise
It took me a while to finally realize
It was a journey to the bottom of the pit
I was hell-bound, I know I had to resist

I was unsure, it was difficult to break away
Until I lost my passion along the way
And the absence of fire I can no longer bear
It was my wake up call, time to start all over

So I closed that chapter and welcomed a new norm
Hoping to bring back that something to its full form
Though it is an infinite travel to passion
I am now excited at this exploration

– January 9, 2017

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