Please Hold Me

baby in arms

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Writer’s Note: This was inspired by a post I saw in What To Expect forum. It’s “Dear Mama…” post which has been shared and reshared in Facebook, too. Coincidentally, when I read that, my newborn was going through a phase and all she wanted was to be held so it inspired me to write this…

It’s a different world, I am new to this
Sometimes I feel I am lost in an abyss
I am hopeless, I am helpless, please save me
All I can do is cry so you could hold me

Now I’m cold, I am scared, I need some comfort
I need an assurance of love of some sort
Please just stay beside me, please don’t ever go
Please hold me close and please never let me go

‎I don’t want to bother you but I need you
I need your warmth, your touch so I can pull through
Soon, I will grow up, adjust and be all right
But for now, I just want you to hold me tight

– October 3, 2018

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