You see me when there is light
But I fade away in darkness
You think I’m gone, leaving you
But I’m here, waiting for my sun
Your rays that would shine upon me

For you will never be alone
From day to night, from dusk to dawn
Though I seem to disappear
I’m here, watching over you
Allowing you to grow, be free

But when you feel down, worried
Just turn around and you shall see
I never move, I’m never gone
I never really fade away
Despite the absence of your light

I may seem invisible
But I am just holding your hand
With light and even in darkness
I’ll always stand beside you
I’ll forever be your shadow

– September 23, 2019


It’s haunting every piece of me
I ran looking for a sanctuary
I hid but it always finds me
No escape from this catastrophe

It wants to control my mind, my soul
I refused, neglecting the call
A phantom commanding my whole
I am cornered to take the fall

Then it devours me, draining my core
Resist or surrender – I am torn
But it persists, asking for more
Yet I feel at peace, I am reborn

– September 4, 2019

Go And Explore

Go, explore your world and learn new things
Appreciate the wonder that life brings
Meet people and see your surroundings
I’ll be your wind when you spread your wings

Go, satisfy your curiosity
Look around, seek creativity
Keep your excitement, find the beauty
I’ll have your back ensuring your safety

Go, expand your imagination
Dream, know your purpose and destination
Experience success and frustration
I’ll be right here supporting your passion

– July 31, 2019


I am back collecting all the pieces
Of shattered dreams and faded memories
I am trying not to mind the stitches
From the wound of my painful history

I am badly bruised but I’m not broken
I’m trying to pull through from my sorrow
My soul, my heart and my mind are hardened
Now I’m ready to face my tomorrow

And I am here to survive, I will thrive
Nothing can cage my spirit to be free
I’ll hang on as long as I am alive
Soon I’ll heal and I again will be me

– August 18, 2019