lampangmanunulat is a 2-word Filipino term – “lampa” and “manunulat”. “Manunulat” means writer. In the Philippines, “lampa” is often used to describe someone who usually falls/stumbles to the ground or who is physically weak (not ill), e.g. not good in playing sports. I think “lampa” means lame in English. The letters “ng” after “lampa” is a suffix to immediately describe (i.e. followed by) a noun.

Actually, I am thinking of a Filipino term for crippled and I only thought about the word “lumpo” after a year since I’ve thought about my pseudonym. And I don’t know, at that time, the word “lampa” just struck me.

Anyways, I welcome you to my blog…

Come in and take a peek at my world…

The world of a lame/crippled writer, a.k.a. Lampang Manunulat.

What do I do for a living?

I am not a professional writer but I’ve been writing since I was 12. It started as school assignments then I started writing poems even without assignments. But I’ve always been insecure as a writer. Before this blog, I never shared my writings to anyone. What’s the use of writing if not shared to anyone, right? Hence, my pseudonym.

I am a Certified Public Accountant/CPA in the Philippines where I was born, grew up and earned my degree in BS Accountancy. I am no longer a practicing-CPA and shifted to finance where I earned a Chartered Financial Analyst/CFA designation (though I don’t have plans to renew my membership this year, got to say this or it might be a ground for ethical issue). In 2010, we moved to Canada. So now, I’m in Canada working in the finance industry, risk management in particular, by profession.

I failed several times in CFA exams, it was a long and painful journey but it showed me the path to my true passion. In early 2010, before moving to Canada but while scrambling over the CFA curriculum, I had an epiphany that writing is my passion. 2 years later, my mom passed away and her passing reaffirmed that life is indeed short so I told myself to at least try to overcome my insecurities as a writer. Then, I started this anonymous blog in early 2013 to come out of my shell.

I want to be unmasked from this anonymity but some of my writings are about my work. I can’t endanger my day job (not yet) and I can’t take the risks that my employers (previous, current and future) could link this blog to me. Hopefully and eventually, I’ll be able to stand up for what I’ve written.

I used to write in Filipino a lot but I usually write in English now. This is a bilingual blog and I’ll try to translate my Filipino writings in English, if I have time and creative juices to do so.

To the netizens who appreciate and like my blog/posts, thank you so much. I do hope you’ll enjoy this blog. I’ll post new stuff once a week, probably on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Thank you for spending some time to read and/or comments on my blogs. 🙂

Last Edited: April 10, 2017

4 thoughts on “About

    • salamat! 🙂 when I was 12, mga school assignments lang to compose poems ang sinusulat ko but I actually enjoyed it back then and tried writing poems even if it’s not an assignment. I didn’t realize I like writing until I’m done with university and working na. thanks for following my blog. 🙂

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