The Leaf

I die in the cold
Where I hibernate
In the ground
Covered in snow
In winter
Only to be ressurected
Where I blossom
With the flowers
Then see the blue sky
In spring
I dance
Under the sun‎
I change into green
Enjoy the warmth
In summer
Until I flow
With the breeze
I change into red
Hang by a thread
In autumn
Until I am the last leaf left
But eventually
I will fall
Then die again in the cold…

– November 14, 2018

October Fall


Writer’s Note: Another poem written long time ago (about 8 yrs ago). This was our first fall in Canada and we were still adjusting as new immigrants. Looks like I already posted it here when I initially created this blog but without any tags. Bumping it and also changing the pic.

It’s a gloomy weather
In a fall of October
The cool breeze I feel
And I’m standing still

I miss the sun’s smile
Seems it has been a while
Fog is enveloping the horizon
In my each waking morn

Leaves are falling
Colors are changing
A new beginning I see
But when it’s going to be

– October 26, 2010

Getting Through The Day


I’m feeling the chill now;
It’s getting darker, too
Do you think it’s going to be nice?
Sunny and bright?
Do you look forward to each day?
Or do you want to just get through the day?

It’s been a challenge –
Counting the seconds, counting the minutes
Good thing you’re here with me
Putting a light to my dim little world
Somehow, I need to get by and I need you
I need you to get me through the day

As I watch the people pass by
I wonder how they cope, how they keep up
Are the happy faces just masks?
Pretending they have worry-free lives?
Do they look forward to their day?
Or are they just living it, surviving?

It’s been a struggle –
Counting the hours, counting the days
Good thing you’re here with me
Brightening this gloomy little spot
Somehow, I need to get by and I need you
I need you to get me through the day

So here I am seeing the leaves fall
The sceneries are changing hues
It’s pretty, it’s lovely
Yet there’s something that seems dull
Am I looking forward to the season change?
Or am I afraid to know what’s next?

And it’s never been easy –
Always hoping for time to speed up
So thank you for being here with me
Bringing laughter and a smile to my lips
I no longer have to get by
Now, I look forward to each day

So thank you for always being here with me
I no longer have to get through my days

– September 22, 2016


Huni’t awit ng ibon ay maglalaho
Mga hayop ay ayan na’t nagsisitago
Puno’y natutuyo, daho’y naglalagas
Magsisimula na muli ang tag-lagas

Lumalamig at gumiginaw na naman
Manipis na damit, di na kailangan
Init ng panahon ay di mababakas
Magsisimula na muli ang tag-lagas

Hahaba ang gabi, iikli ang araw
Matutulog lang at hindi na gagalaw
Tatamarin na rin ako lalong lumabas
Magsisimula na kasi ang tag-lagas

– sinulat noong September 12, 2014