Once In A Blue Moon

photo credit to encorenow.wordpress.com

photo credit to encorenow.wordpress.com

Author’s Note: I’m not a mushy type of person but of course just like the title of this poem, once in a blue moon, I write love poems. This was written in 2011 after I woke up from a dream about my first love.

Once in a blue moon I dream of you
And I can’t help but think of my past that made me blue
Once in a blue moon I think of the decades gone by
Remembering the love lost and how it made me cry

Back then, I had lots of questions
Back then, you were my major distraction
“Why do I love you?”, I often asked
Finding the answers seemed to be the hardest task

Now, I am very much happy and fulfilled
Now, all the blanks in the past are filled
Now I know why we were not meant to be
It is with him that I feel this love and glee

Once in a blue moon I see you in my dream
And my fear of losing him is all confirmed
Once in a blue moon I think of you
And it made me feel grateful that I’m not with you

– December 12, 2011