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Author’s Note: This is inspired by the above pictured book, “You” written by Caroline Kepnes. I used some of the phrases and words from the book so to those who read it, I’m pretty sure you’ll know what those are. I’m glad that the guy in Chapters recommended this book to me. This book is disturbingly good. I’m in the last few chapters of the book and I’m sure I can finish it on my train ride later this afternoon so before I find out the ending, I’m posting this now.

The moment you walked in there I knew
A love that’s true and pure, innocent at first
A mutual instant attraction that can’t be helped
It’s the beginning of me and you – our everythingship

Your eyes speak to me in words I cannot fathom
Yet I know this language – the language of us
Your breath, your scent, they will always linger
You’re in my heart, in my mind. You are my world!

I wake up and close my eyes and it’s you I see
But why suddenly, you walked away from me?
I am lost, I cannot focus, I am about to explode
I love you! Now, look at what you made me do!

The moment I walked in there I already knew
It is you that I want, it is you that I need
You’re different, hot. You’re smarter than anyone
My world is no longer empty – this is our everythingship

You show me reality and define things I never knew existed
This is the attention I’ve always dreamt of and wanted
But I have issues and lies, secrets buried underneath
I need my space. I cannot do this, I have to leave

I wake up and close my eyes and it’s you that I miss
I’m sorting my life. I want you back, let’s start anew
But why do you have this stuff? Who exactly are you?
I cannot believe it! Wow! Now, I see what I made you do!

Look at us – Joe and Beck – we’re together as one
It is destructive. It is deadly yet it is true love!
This is our destiny, can’t you see we’re THE perfect match?
Why don’t we forget about all these? Let’s make this last!

– November 4, 2015