Crippled/Lame Writer (Lampang Manunulat)


Author’s Note: My blog name/pseudonym – lampangmanunulat – is composed of 2 Filipino words: (1) “lampa”*** means crippled/lame, and (2) “manunulat” means writer.

Hiding behind the wires of the world wide web
Putting up a mask to disguise who I am
I am not Batman who could clean up Gotham
I am a crippled writer who is just lame

Struggling to stand up for what I have written
Anxious to take risks and to believe in myself
I am not a Super Saiyan who could save the Earth
I am a crippled writer resisting my world

Averse to get out from this anonymity
Hesitant to take steps to follow the dream
I am not Rick Grimes who has vision to fulfill
I am just a crippled writer hoping to break free

– January 4, 2017

*** The word “lampa” is an adjective but the “ng” is added after the word “lampa” to make it an active phrase (i.e. if passive, it would the “manunulat” is “lampa”).