Not Again

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Author’s Note: It’s really hard to control your mind to search for something to look forward to each day, isn’t it? So when I “fell off the wagon” yesterday, I told myself “DOH!!! Not again…”

It seems too superficial
There is nothing special
Can’t see any potential
Can’t find the essential

Suppressing this feeling
Inside I am screaming
“Not again”, I’m saying
It’s already exhausting

A new found disappointment
I can’t make any statement
No sense of fulfillment
I’m losing commitment

Tired from my mind’s complaints
Positive thoughts go in vain
I tell myself “not again”
Until when can I contain?

– August 25, 2015

Each Day

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Author’s Note: This is how I feel about work in the past months or so… If only I could stop working and just retire. Oh well!

Each day I struggle
Lost my drive, don’t know why
I’m facing a hurdle
Don’t bother. Oh, I try!

Dragging myself each day
Keep counting all the hours
I wish I could just stay
Don’t want to go else where

Each day I am more bored
Errr… how do I get by?
‎Battling this to the core
I’m not winning this! Hai (sigh)…

– August 6, 2015