It’s seems like eternity
But at last,
I see something
It’s blurry…
Is it the shore?
Swim faster
Go to that island!
But wait…
Where am I?

The water isn’t blue
It’s gray
There are no fish
No corals
Nothing underneath
A sink hole to nowhere
So hurry
Swim harder!
Flap those arms!
Move those feet!

The shore
It’s nearer
I see it now
I can reach it now
But what? How?
This is not a sanctuary
It’s just a huge log
But I can hold on to it
Cling on to it
At least for now

Then I look up
At the sky
It’s getting darker
This water beyond me
It’s turning black
And I’m exhausted
But I need to stay afloat
“Don’t close your eyes
Don’t give up now”
Just keep swimming!

But I’m tired and I…
I want to rest and I…
I’m shutting my eyes and I…
I’m losing my breath and I…
I don’t know where I am
How did I end up here?
Swim more!
But slowly‎…
Oh so slowly…

I am drowning…

Only you can save me…

– August 8, 2019

Chasing Fire


photo credit to richardlionel.wordpress.com

I have been running now I’m beat
I’m frustrated from chasing it

It vanished without any rational
Pffft! It just went on sabbatical

Yet it might be relaxing somewhere
In a far, hidden place called nowhere

Maybe it doesn’t want to be found
But its loss feels like I’m being drowned

Now this seems like a hopeless case
Please lead me, tell me how to face!

I searched everywhere and reached my limit
But I refuse to accept my defeat

So, show up before I lose my vision
Come on! Just end this hibernation!

– July 29, 2016