One With God

When the blue sky is turning into gray
I get lost, always searching for answers
When things get tough and not going my way
It’s the time to pause and say my prayers

When I lose grip on things I can’t control
I question how and why it’s so unjust
I feel I’m farther away from my goal
But I try to let go and put my trust

I rely on the miracle from above
Where I can’t be ignored, I am not odd
And it is all about faith, hope, and love
Then I try, I aim to be one with God

– May 19, 2019

Traveling To A Blurred Destiny


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A crossroad? No! I can’t even see a road
It is being in the woods with a blind fold
I’m totally lost, wandering the unknown
Just trusting my senses to lead me to you

And I keep stumbling, falling into the pit
Picking myself up gets harder and harder
But I try to follow the sound of your voice
‎It’s my only guide in this bleak surrounding

As I open my eyes with hope to see clearly
There’s a fog, it’s enveloping the horizon
And all I can do is to pray, to listen
Then continue this journey with only faith…

I’m still stuck somewhere in the woods, in the pit
It’s unlikely I’ll figure my way out soon
But as long as I hear your voice, calling me
I know I’m in the path towards my destiny

– October 2, 2017

Pag-asa / Hope

Author’s Note: About the pic – sunrise signifies hope, hence, the picture. This is to someone who’s going through so much pain and losing faith. This is originally written in my native tongue, Filipino/Tagalog. Luckily, I had the time this morning and afternoon (at work) so I was able to write the English version. Although, I must say, I have to change some of the words (i.e. not a literal Filipino-English translation) so that it would still sound like a poem.

Filipino and Original Version:

Mundo ay biglang tumigil sa pag-ikot
Gisingin mo ako sa aking bangungot
Paano mapapawi ang aking lungkot?
Maging matatag ngunit saan huhugot?

Hindi ko maintindihan ang pakay Nya
Nagtatanong, nagtataka, sa’n pupunta?
Paano ako muling magtitiwala?
Saan aasa? Wala namang himala

Paano papawiin ang pagdurusa?
Paano haharapin ang umaga?
Muli Mo akong bigyan ng pag-asa
Tulungan Mo akong muling magtiwala

English Version:

The world suddenly stopped from turning
It’s a nightmare, am I just dreaming?
How do I erase all my sadness?
Be strong, but all I have is weakness

I will not understand Your reasons
Where to go? All I have are questions
How will I learn to trust You again?
How to hope when there’s no miracle?

How to take away the sufferings?
How do I smile and face each morning?
Lord, please give me another hope
Lord, please teach me to trust You to cope

– written on May 22, 2015

A Prayer

Lord, thank You for all the blessings –
I treasure every victory, every challenge, struggle, and hardship
Because of these, You paved the way for my true passion
Thank You for the talent and wisdom
Thank You for my loving and supportive family, relatives, and friends
Thank You for the gift of life and death

Now, I face uncertainties at work
I’m aware that life is beyond my daily job
That there are more important things in life than work
But I want to be free from my misery and bitterness
I want my optimism and cheerfulness to resurface
And all the negativity and frustrations be erased

There are things that I can no longer control
And I’m humbly asking for Your guidance
Let Your divine intervention happen, let Your will be done
Please help me accept the things that will materialize
Please help me to trust in your ways
Please help me not to worry about the future and just concentrate on today

Lord, I pray for a new beginning
I pray for patience, courage, and strength
I thank You for this unsureness
As this helps me grow and improve myself
Lord, thank You again for all the blessings
Lord, thank You for everything that goes in my way


– written on November 3, 2014

Sa Sinag Ng Araw

Author’s Note: This is inspired by one of my favorite books and stories, “Alive” by Piers Paul Read. It’s a true-story novel about the Uruguay rugby team aboard by a plane that crashed in the Andes in 1972. I am inspired by their story, their faith, and their will to survive.  Here’s a poem that I wrote in my native tongue, Filipino, about it.

Minsan akala mo ay wala ng bukas
Ang pag-asa ay di mo na nababakas
Ngunit pagmasdan mo ang sinag ng araw
Ang imposible ay iyong matatanaw

Tuloy lang sa paglalakbay, kaya mo yan
Kailanma’y hindi ka Nya pababayaan
Sa gitna ng kawalan, Siya’ng silbing gabay
Lahat ng hirap ay mayroon ding saysay

Sa pagharap sa lamig ay yakap ka Nya
Siya ang tanging daan sa ‘yong pagkawala
At sa gabing madilim, Siya ang ‘yong ilaw
Manalig, magdasal at huwag kang bibitaw

Matatawid mo rin ang lahat ng bundok
Maaakyat at mararating ang tuktok
Sa kabilang dako, naroon ang patag
Magtiwala ka, di ka Nya ilalaglag

Maisip ma’ng ito na ang katapusan
Hanggang sa huli ay di ka Nya iiwan
Harapin ang pagsubok ng nakangiti
At ang paghihirap ay siyang mapapawi

Kung akalain mo ma’ng wala ng bukas
Huwag kang mangamba, ito ay magwawakas
Pagmasdan mo lang ang liwanag ng araw
Walang imposible sa Kanyang pananaw

– Marso 3, 2014