Letter To A First Crush


photo credit to sharpenet.com

My heart skips a beat with only a glance from you
My heart melts when I see you smile out of the blue
I’m giddy, excited but don’t know what to do
This is for the love that lifts my spirit anew

Each time you speak, your eyes are filled with so much glee
Your passion for life is extraordinary
I’m admiring from a distance contentedly
This is for my crush, a love that’s inspiring me

So thank you for showing me how to be in love
I know it’s one way but it’s a gift from above
For to see you feels like I can fly like a dove
This is for my first brush of a romantic love

– September 18, 2017

It’s All Over (Part III)

Author’s Note: I wrote this when I was 16 for my first love (more of infatuation). It’s a long poem so I’ll cut this into 3 parts.

Here’s part 1 and here’s part 2.

The storm has passed and a brand new day is waiting
A wonderful rainbow I am hoping to see
And soon birds will all sing like a choir
And the grasses will be green and all with life

Roses will soon bloom and the sun won’t say bye
The trees’ leaves will soon dance with all their might
The sea and its waves will greet me and say fine
‘Cause now I can feel that things will be all right

The air will whisper all the hopes for love
The sand will again sparkle like a blazing fire
And the river will never ever stop its flow
For I will now leave thee and will start to grow

The moon will soon find its own light
The stars will twinkle and will shout at last
And the warm night will now always remind me
Finally, I have gotten over with thee…

– March 29, 2000

It’s All Over… (Part II)

Author’s Note: I wrote this when I was 16 for my first love (more of infatuation). It’s a long poem so I’ll cut this into 3 parts.

Here’s part 1 and here’s part 3.

Now birds are weeping that things won’t be all right
The bees stop in creating sounds
The grasses are drying and turning brown
‘Cause now it’s like the end of my life

Now roses are all dying and the sun is frowning
The tress are becoming gloomy; their branches are not waving
The sea is ignoring me; its waves are hurting me
They are hurting me so badly

I can’t hear the air that is whispering love
Even the sand is not sparkling now
River is filled of rocks, stopping its flow
For now I hate to see thee as a glow

The clouds are covering the moon so it doesn’t shine
The stars are mourning and saying they are sorry
The warm night is now reminding me
How can I get over with thee…

– March 29, 2000

It’s All Over… (Part I)

Author’s Note: I wrote this when I was 16 for my first love (more of infatuation). It’s a long poem so I’ll cut this into 3 parts.

Here’s part 2 and here’s part 3.

Birds sung in a wonderful hymn
The bees played with their buzzing sounds
The green grasses danced and bowed
When thee became a part of my life

Roses bloomed, the sun said hi
The trees’ leaves swayed; their branches waved
The sea greeted me; its waves touched me
They touched me so softly and gently

The air whispered things like forever
The sand sparkled like a golden fire
The river flowed like an endless ray
For I am bounded by the nature of thee

The moon smiled when I looked at it
The stars blinked and told me it’s real
The warm night reminded me
How wonderful it was to be with thee…

But the clouds became grey
Then thunders roared like a frightening mourn
The sun hid; the cloud started to cry
And the nature I saw is now a nightmare of sigh…

– March 29, 2000

Once In A Blue Moon

photo credit to encorenow.wordpress.com

photo credit to encorenow.wordpress.com

Author’s Note: I’m not a mushy type of person but of course just like the title of this poem, once in a blue moon, I write love poems. This was written in 2011 after I woke up from a dream about my first love.

Once in a blue moon I dream of you
And I can’t help but think of my past that made me blue
Once in a blue moon I think of the decades gone by
Remembering the love lost and how it made me cry

Back then, I had lots of questions
Back then, you were my major distraction
“Why do I love you?”, I often asked
Finding the answers seemed to be the hardest task

Now, I am very much happy and fulfilled
Now, all the blanks in the past are filled
Now I know why we were not meant to be
It is with him that I feel this love and glee

Once in a blue moon I see you in my dream
And my fear of losing him is all confirmed
Once in a blue moon I think of you
And it made me feel grateful that I’m not with you

– December 12, 2011

Why Do I Love Him?

Author’s Note: I wrote the first three stanzas of this poem almost two decades ago, 1997. I was 13-14 yrs old experiencing my first brush of romance. Two years later, my friend asked me to continue the poem and so I wrote the next stanzas when I was 16. I no longer write about love so I’m feeling nostalgic reading this. I think it’s still an enjoyable read, I want to edit it before posting but it will no longer be as authentic. I’m putting “()” for the original words that I did minor edits. Just remember, this was written by a teenager. 😉

From the first time I saw him
His tantalizing eyes were looking at me
And from that day on
My heart trembles (starts to tremble) every time I see him

I never knew that crazy feeling
Was started from there
I really can’t explain
These feelings I have

From the moment we talked
From the time I glanced at his face
I never really know
Why do I love him?

I made this poem just for him
But I don’t even know the reason for this
Maybe someday I will see
That this love is for real

Then I’ve told myself forget
But (this heart of mine) my heart can’t make the bet
Now I am (my heart) full of regrets
Still searching for the reasons why we two met?

Can’t explain these feelings
Can’t find those keys
Maybe he’s just too good to be true
But he’s the one who makes me feel blue

Maybe I love him
Maybe I like him
But you know – still searching for the answers
Why do I love him?

– written on:
First 3 stanzas: September 9, 1997
Next stanzas: November 19, 1999