What If

sleeping baby

What if you were just a pigment of my dream?
What if the life I’ve known with you was unreal?
Slowly, my world, my life will start to dim
My heart will be broken, it will never heal

For now I’ve learned to enjoy this life with you
I have a new purpose and that’s to see you grow
So what if I was just imagining you?
Then please hold me close and don’t ever let go

Or take me back to my dream where you were there
Then I will hug you, lock you in my embrace
Then don’t wake me up, I’ll stay until forever
So I can be with you in this happy place

– January 29, 2018

Please Hold Me

baby in arms

photo credit to christianwomenonline.net

Writer’s Note: This was inspired by a post I saw in What To Expect forum. It’s “Dear Mama…” post which has been shared and reshared in Facebook, too. Coincidentally, when I read that, my newborn was going through a phase and all she wanted was to be held so it inspired me to write this…

It’s a different world, I am new to this
Sometimes I feel I am lost in an abyss
I am hopeless, I am helpless, please save me
All I can do is cry so you could hold me

Now I’m cold, I am scared, I need some comfort
I need an assurance of love of some sort
Please just stay beside me, please don’t ever go
Please hold me close and please never let me go

‎I don’t want to bother you but I need you
I need your warmth, your touch so I can pull through
Soon, I will grow up, adjust and be all right
But for now, I just want you to hold me tight

– October 3, 2018

Are You All Right There?

You’re so needy, clingy, tell me what you want to do
You cannot speak yet and I can’t understand your cues
I hope there’s a way to learn what you’re trying to say
But all I need to know is you are doing okay

So please give me your real smile, a smile that’s not just gas
Let me hear your coos to know your worries have passed
Then show me your dimples and your little smiling eyes
Just give me something, anything, aside from your cries

You’re so needy. clingy, I just don’t know what to do
Please stop wailing; I’m here now, I won’t ever leave you
And I’ll take care of you, love you until forever
Little one, please be all right, hope you’re all right there

– September 25, 2018