Letter To A Found Love

Lost and found (freephotos.aguru.in)

photo credit to freephotos.aguru.in

My fate, my destiny, it’s now clearer
My life long search is finally over
No more worries, my fears are now conquered
This is for a love that I’ve discovered

I was lost once then you showed me the way
You are the sun that brightens up my day
No more darkness; light will forever stay
This is for the true love that’s now at play

So thank you, dear, for this amazing blast
You’re the one – my soulmate that I have asked
To infinity and beyond, we will last
This is for the love that I’ve found at last

– August 4, 2017

The Joke (Her Perspective)

Writer’s Note: This is a continuation of my post last week, The Joke (His Perspective).

It all started as a joke, a tease here and there
Somehow it was only me who actually cared
You treated me as if I was a mere stranger
So I moved on, lived my life like you weren’t there

Then I almost lost my life battling an illness
A blessing in disguise that lead to your awareness
The joke was on me as I was always helpless
Been helplessly wishing for your love and caress

This joke I hope you’ll take it very seriously
As I return your kiss and hug you tenderly
I’ve been yours from the start, you’re my one and only
Until my last breath, please promise to stay with me

– April 26, 2018

The Joke (His Perspective)

It all started as a joke, a tease here and there
From our friends, our families – it was everywhere
I ignored all these – didn’t budge, didn’t care
I continued my life as a boy with a dare

Then something dawned on me which I cannot undo
I was no longer the oblivious boy you knew
The joke was on me as I win your love anew
So please believe me when I tell you “yes, I do”

This joke now I’m taking very seriously
As I put this ring on you and kiss you tenderly
As I make this vow to love you endlessly
Say yes, be mine forever, my one and only

– April 25, 2018

Lost And Found

Lost and found (freephotos.aguru.in)

photo credit to freephotos.aguru.in

Author’s Note: This is cheesy but it’s my pre-Valentine’s Day post though it’s a bit early and I wrote this last Dec. Anyway, I’ll be busy that week and haven’t written anything new these days so I’m posting it now. I wrote this as if it was a song but I only have a melody for the refrain part.

I was lost in a world full of chaos
I was lost in search of purpose and cause
I was lost in struggle and confusion
Then you came and I found the direction

Then you add hue and color to my days
You give new meaning and life to my ways
You bring warmth in this agonizing cold
Now I’m living in this magical world

Refrain 1:
And I love you, I love you, I love you
And with you, forever is coming true

You are the sanctuary where I find bliss
You are the temple where I find my peace
You’re the oasis where I find solace
I find a place where love is endless

And I love you, I love you, I love you…
I was all by myself minding my own
Then there was you, I’m no longer alone
We’re living this dream, starting forever
Now I’m no longer seeking for answers
I was lost and I am finally found…

Refrain 2:
And I love you, I love you, I love you
And with us, forever is coming true

– December 17, 2015