I am back collecting all the pieces
Of shattered dreams and faded memories
I am trying not to mind the stitches
From the wound of my painful history

I am badly bruised but I’m not broken
I’m trying to pull through from my sorrow
My soul, my heart and my mind are hardened
Now I’m ready to face my tomorrow

And I am here to survive, I will thrive
Nothing can cage my spirit to be free
I’ll hang on as long as I am alive
Soon I’ll heal and I again will be me

– August 18, 2019

Lost Soul

photo credit to jonahintheheartofnineve.blogspot.com

A lost soul eager to seek happiness
Just floating in the vast wilderness
It’s determined, not wanting to rest
To find joy is the ultimate test

But the lost soul is…

Drifting… wandering… where would it be?
Just hoping… wishing… to finally see
The light which will pave the way for me
Drifting… wandering… let it be free

A creative spirit wanting freedom
Just flowing to only find boredom
Embattled in search for its passion
Beaten, broken, there’s no salvation

Now the spirit is…

Drifting… wandering… where would it be?
Lost in the crowd and not able to see
The glimmer of light is just blinding me
Drifting… wandering… can never be free

– May 3, 2017

Just Quit


photo credit to the odyssey online

Quit and put an end to it all
Now it’s time to answer the call
Listen to the universe’s cry
All you have to do is to try

Resign and leave it all behind
The purpose of life you will find
Forget your worries, let it be
Do it and it will set you free

– January 17, 2017

Taste Of My Liberty

Ethicsalarms (com)

photo credit to ethicsalarms.com

I was beaten and covered with bruises
I fought hard to overcome this crisis
I was defeated. Slowly, I faded
My liberty, I thought I have tasted

I cried until the tears were all dried up
I fell, I stumbled. I tried to get up
But all was in vain so I let it be
Just wait and soon I’ll taste my liberty

And so I wait. With hope, I have waited
Wounds have healed and the battle has ended
Now I see light, a glimpse of victory
And sweet will be the taste of my liberty

– March 9, 2016

Set Me Free


photo credit to c1.staticflickr.com

Author’s Note: I wrote this as if it was a song. Unfortunately, I’m not musically inclined so I couldn’t put a music into it. The chorus has been ringing in my head since the morning I woke up yesterday and I finally managed to sit down and write the entire thing. And yes, I have a vague melody to it but it’s no good. Anyways, despite the lack of music, I hope you’ll still enjoy this.

The dusk is dawning on me
Waiting for you to come near me
Then hear your heart beat next to mine
Like lovers lost in this foggy site

Watching the shadows pass me by
You stand out underneath the moonlight
I smile to myself then take courage
I approach you and feel the rave

And I… I feel like

Running naked through the night
Spread my wings then fly to the sky
I’m finally free, at last!
Yes, I’m finally free tonight!

Marking the end of my nightmare
Enjoying the warmth in the air
It’s the beginning of the dream
You pull me up from this dim

And I… I feel like

Running naked through the night
Spread my wings then fly to the sky
I’m finally free, at last!
Yes, I’m finally free tonight!

With you.. you set me free at last!

– December 7, 2015

Take Away My Misery

photo obtained from thechangeblog.com

photo obtained from thechangeblog.com

Take away my bitterness
Set me from my misery
I’m longing for your caress
But I just want to be free

Are all these pains still worth it?
When will all my sorrows end?
Desperate for us to meet
But I need my space to mend

Take away my misery
Set me from my ache and rage
Longing for simplicity
I know it should start with change

Forget all the selfishness
Stop the blame, let’s start anew
Still longing for your embrace
But it needs to come from you, too

Take away my woes and stress
Set me from my misery
Now, I need my happiness
Maybe, it’s time to be free

– written on April 10, 2015


Author’s note: I wrote this almost two years ago. I wrote this in the backseat of a van while we were driving to Ottawa. The picture was taken from that trip too. It’s written in my native tongue, Filipino, and it’s about my amazement with the clouds and the sky. Every time I look at the clouds and sky – I see peace, hope and freedom.

Sa mga ulap ako’y natutulala
Nabibighani sa taglay na ganda
At nasisilayan ang Siyang lumikha
At tila ang mundo’y napakapayapa

Sa kalangitan ako’y natutulala
Nagsasaad na lahat ay may pag-asa
At kung sa’n na di natitigil ang saya
Habang nakatitig ako’y nadadala

Sa kalawakan ako’y natutulala
Nagbibigay ng saya at sigla
Napapawi pa ang mga alala
Sinisimbolo na ang siyang paglaya

Sa mga ulap ako’y natutulala
Sa kalangitan ako’y nawawala
Sa kalawakan ako’y napapanganga
Tila natakasan na ang problema

– March 23, 2013