Freaking Friday

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Author’s Note: I wrote this on the first Friday the 13th of 2015, that was February, but I forgot to post it here. Got an opportunity to post it today, the 3rd and last Friday the 13th of 2015.

What a freaking Friday
Bus: cancelled; train: delayed
Standing in a freezer
In a very cold weather
Come on! Move! We’re all late
Frozen tracks? Urrrgh, that’s not great!
Toes are numb, I’m shaking
Feels like there’s no heating
It’s almost 10, I just arrived
Lost my routine, it’s a strive
Now, I’m in a crappy mood
It’s ripple effect – not good
So this is officially a bad day
Oh! It’s the 13th today!
But then I rolled up the rim*
Free coffee! So let’s not be dim! 🙂

* Tim Hortons always have that contest/raffle where you roll the rim of the cup and you can win free coffee, food or a car.

– written on February 13, 2015