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Relax… close your eyes then listen
To the sound of innocence
To the sound of purity
Do you hear it? Can you hear it?
It is the laughter of the children
The kids happily playing with water
Enjoying themselves – giggling

Then unload your burdens and listen
To the sound of tranquility
To the sound of silence
Listen carefully. Do you hear it?
It is the water touching the sand
The waves gently hitting the shore
It is music to the ears – calming

Now, block the unnecessary noises
Only listen to the sound of sincerity
To the sound of honesty
Relax and focus. Can you hear it?
It is the soft voice coming from your heart
Whispering what it wants, what it needs
Do you hear it clearly now?

When you’re lost, just listen…
Listen to your heart’s whisper…

– July 11, 2016