My Hell

welcome to hell

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It’s not the smell of the doughnut nor the freshly brewed coffee
It’s not the smile from my co-workers pretending to be happy
But it’s the “Welcome to Hell”, the invisible sign I see
It’s sad, pathetic but it’s the only thing that’s greeting me

Everytime I go to work I have a churn in my belly
I don’t know why, it must be a signal that this is not for me
And I am trapped, frustrated and there’s no way to break free
Then I forget who I am, neglecting my true destiny

Sometimes I consider quitting but it’s just too risky
I have no guts, no balls, that’s why I can’t find any glory
So I just buried myself in this hell of a monotony
And continue living this hell where I can never be me

– May 10, 2018

Hellish Paradise


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I was smiling cheerfully as I crossed this path
I saw a future; time to abandon my wrath
A welcome to fresh start; time to leave my cries
This was Eden, a promised paradise

Unmindful, I walked right into a quicksand
Then the atmosphere gradually changed to bland
I was drowning while I saw an impending gloom
This was turning into the Eden of Doom

Slowly, I was slipping in a gaping sink hole
I was losing oxygen; losing my soul
But I was not resisting; in full surrender
To Hellish Paradise where I was lost forever

– June 14, 2016