Nothing To Say (Part 3)

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I’m running out of ideas
Sadly, there’s no panacea
It’s frustrating, this is so tough
All my effort is not enough

I have plenty of excuses
Instead of searching for fixes
But I cannot go on, I’m stuck
I can’t even find lady luck

I continue to squeeze my brain
But I’m only getting insane
And I still cannot find my way
That’s it, there’s nothing more to say

– December 4, 2019


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photo obtained from

Overwhelmed and restless – I’m struggling
The mind wanders but all is nothing
I can’t focus, I’m losing control
Is it normal? ‘Cause I’m hitting a wall

Step back and search for bright ideas
Stop. Think. But there’s no panacea
It’s my longest drought; I want it to end
All effort is futile; I can’t ascend

Running in circles like an endless loop
To surpass this, I need to regroup
This is my passion, my heart’s desire
Yet I’m left here feeling uninspired

– written on April 6, 2015