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Author’s Note: Sorry for the curse word in this writing. I’m just frustrated at work. The last stanza where it says “my world” — it’s actually pertaining to my work life/career/day job but the word “world” just sounds better.

I keep on asking these days – “what the f*ck?”
So many times I’m tempted to go back
But I’m unsure, something’s holding me back
Though I can’t take this; I’m about to crack

Gone are my drive, my fire and my passion
I have no goal and no clear direction
Not again! I’m drowning in confusion!
What the f*ck? I allowed this vexation!?!

So here I am, cursing and complaining
While I witness my world slowly crumbling
Instead of ‘change’, look for a beginning
I say: “What the f*ck? Cheers! to my ending!”

– June 1, 2016

My Irony

Author’s Note: Busy week so here’s to sum up what I am feeling in these past weeks.

It’s the feeling when you don’t know what to do –
I wake up early in each workday
Just to look forward to my end of day
I’m bored when I’m not doing much at work
I’m still bored when I’m swamped with work
I’m contemplating of changing job
But whenever I see an opportunity, I let it pass
The ironies of my life!
Clearly, something is not right!

– May 13, 2016

I Want Out

Author’s Note: I couldn’t find a suitable picture for this post. I wrote this last year when I was already burnt out and was about to quit my job.

‎I can’t wait to leave this nightmare
I want to rebel! I don’t care
I cannot wait any longer
When will this finally be over?

Hey, I didn’t sign up for this
I am not expecting this
Looks like I overstayed
Now things aren’t going my way

This is an endless frustration
Please! Control this explosion!
That light – I no longer see
I want out, this isn’t for me

– October 22, 2014

This Is It

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Author’s Note: Here’s another poem I wrote about a year ago. I wrote this on my way to work on the day that I told my boss that I will resign. I was emotionally attached to my previous job so when I decided to leave, I was torn and unsure if my decision was right. This poem was to convince myself that “This Is It! It’s time to move on!”.

Trying to hold back tears
It’s a sign of strength, don’t hide
This is what I prayed, this is the plan
Just keep on swimming, I’ll get by

Trying not to melt down
Have courage, have no regrets
This is my light, this is my new start
Just carry on, leave the past behind

Trying not to be emotional
I can do this, there’s no turning back
This is what I need, this is it!
Just go on, I’m on the right track

– November 5, 2014