My World

kinder than solitude

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Writer’s Note: This is inspired by one of the characters in this book, Kinder than Solitude, written by Yiyun Li.

People create their own world
To get by
It’s make believe
But there’s solemnity
Where peace is found
It’s to carry on
In every life’s turn
Then reach pure joy
So as to face tomorrows

I’m no different, you know?
It becomes my life
But sometimes,
That world can be scary
What if I get trapped?
What if I can no longer know
The reality
How do you draw the line
And keep your sanity?

Somehow, I manage to survive
This battle of the brain –
Imagined versus real
Fiction versus fact
Never ever underestimate
The mind
It can be confused, yes
It can be distracted, too
But it never falters

I create my own world, you see
It’s my only escape
But it’s my paradise
It’s kinder than solitude

– July 19, 2017



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Look inside and experience the beauty
A mirror of an abstract mystery
Turn it around and see the evolution
It goes beyond my imagination

New patterns are emerging in each glance
A view of an amazing performance
Colours are changing in each rotation
It takes me to a different direction

Each shape is shifting the mind’s paradigm
A fresh knowledge is forming every time
It’s a wonder, it’s my inspiration
It is the kaleidoscope’s attraction

– March 23, 2017