The Woods

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No water was left to bring life to this place
I found myself drifting, lost again in space
So I floated, left my past without a trace…

I walked in the woods, following a path
To a river full of fury and wrath
But I was shocked to see, I couldn’t believe
The river had drained, no fish could ever live

But I continued the journey, wandering
Searching for a paradise while humming
A sad melody with no tune, no hue
Then I was lost in the woods without a clue

So I walked back to the path of the river
Tracking my steps before headed to nowhere
But it seemed I was just going deeper
Into the woods where I was lost forever

– January 9, 2018


There is something in you that makes my heart skip a beat
Something exciting that my mind can never process
Is it passion? Is it true love? Oh! I cannot tell
All I know it’s what I’ve been looking for all these years

There is something in you that lets me see who I am
I can’t imagine I’m liking this other side of me
Is it my purpose? The definition of my life?
All I know it’s what I want and where I want to be

There is something in you that pushes me to believe
Something different yet it is the only real thing
Perhaps it’s telling me to take a leap of faith?
A chance I’m considering but not willing to take

So YOU are something that I can never comprehend
You give me wings so I could fly and reach for my dream
I wonder what potion or magic do you possess
Maybe I should stop analyzing – just let it be

– January 27, 2017

Let It Be / Hayaan Lang

Author’s Note: Originally written in my native language, Filipino.

Rest the mind and slowly close your eyes
Listen to the sorrows of your heart
Together explore and take the journey
And discover peace and serenity

Then breathe deeply and just let it be
Do not be nervous, do not worry
Do not hold back tears, just let it flow
Continue your walk in this endless road

Then leave fear for mind and heart to be whole
To forget the pain; to learn to let go
To again seek for the hope that was lost
Then heart will be opened, be filled with joy

Filipino Version:

Ipahinga ang utak, ipikit ang mga mata
Pakinggan ang pusong sumisigaw at nagdurusa
Sabayan mo ito sa paglalakbay at paggala
At tuklasin ang daang tahimik at mapayapa

Huminga ng malalim, hayaang magpadala
Huwag kang mag-alala, huwag kang mangamba
Huwag pigilan ang pagdaloy ng mga luha
Sundan lang ang walang hanggan na kalsada

Iwan ang takot, utak at puso’y magiging isa
Malilimot ang sakit, matututong magparaya
Muling mahahanap ang nawalang pag-asa
At puso ay tuluyang bubukas at sasaya

– May 19, 2016