One With Darkness

The moon is full, it is shining
A feast, a celebration of life
I am in awe, it’s enlightening
As the night washes away the strife

As I look up, my soul rejoices
I see the stars engulf the black skies
I feel the evening’s warmth caresses
But it’s missing a pure sacrifice

My shadow dances with the moonlight
In anticipation of greatness
And as the light fades into the night
‎I will be one with the darkness

– May 18, 2019

Darkness And Light

It is getting darker and darker
Soon, I’ll be blinded by the night
How will I look and see beyond
When the sun is disappearing?
My other senses are alerted
But they have no awareness

It’s pitch black now and I’m scared
Where am I? Why am I left here?
I grab onto something – it’s cold
A metal hand rail for support
I wonder if it’s strong enough
To carry my weight, my cross

The hand rail is leading me
Going nowhere, descending
My world suddenly crumbles
A blurred vision is then shown
My past, my life up to now
Playing in an infinite loop

It’s never ending, I want out
The rail will also soon collapse
I start to sink, struggling in vain
Something below is tugging me
I’m helpless, ready to give in
Then a strong hand reaches to me

It lifts me up, it rescues me
A ray of light is now at sight
Then a face is slowly forming
Now, it’s the only thing I see
It glows, His smile is glowing
It shines, He’s shining upon me

– June 8, 2017

Silence (As The Dawn Breaks)


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The dawn breaks
The shield surrounding
The silence of my mind
It is slowly cracking
Silence is breaking free
It is rattling
A pain that is unnerving
It is discomforting
As I hear its whispers
As I hear its shrieks
It is echoing in my head
Over and over –

The silence is shouting
A scream of trouble
A deafening sound
It is about to explode
Ready to devour
The world full of noise
Resistance no more
The mind in full surrender
As the silence finally breaks…

Gone are my worries
Gone is my sanity
Just a peaceful accord
Between the mind
And the quietness
Uniting as one –
One mind, one body
One soul, one heart
At last, this is bliss
The bliss of silence
Then, I embrace the light…

As the dawn breaks…

– April 4, 2017

My Vows/Aking Pangako

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Author’s Note: I woke up one morning and the last stanza, the one written in Filipino, was stuck in my head. It was originally meant to be a song but then again, how I can I put the melody? So I carried on and continued writing the poem then maybe one day, I can add music to it.

I was left captive in the dark
From all these failures I faced
My hope suddenly vanished
My mind closed, I didn’t care

My heart was full of bitterness
I was angry at the universe
When I failed to surpass this crisis
And I didn’t know where to turn

But I am aiming for a change
Be a freeman than a prisoner
Find the key to unlock my heart
And so I am making these vows

Pick up myself from all this mess
Get up and live without regrets
Embrace life with glee and a smile
And soon I will again see the light

Filipino (Original Version):

Sa dilim ako’y nabilanggo
Mula sa kabiguang natamo
Pag-asa ay biglang naglaho
Isipan ko ay sumarado

Puso’y nabalutan ng pait
Sa mundo ako ay nagalit
Nang di malampasan ang pasakit
At di alam kung saan kakapit

Ngunit hangad ko ng magbago
Ayaw ko ng maging preso
Buksan ang pusong nakakandado
Kaya’t heto ang aking pangako

Iangat na ang aking sarili
Bumangon na at huwag magsisi
Yakapin ang buhay ng may ngiti
Nang liwanag ay makitang muli

– April 6, 2016

Taste Of My Liberty

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I was beaten and covered with bruises
I fought hard to overcome this crisis
I was defeated. Slowly, I faded
My liberty, I thought I have tasted

I cried until the tears were all dried up
I fell, I stumbled. I tried to get up
But all was in vain so I let it be
Just wait and soon I’ll taste my liberty

And so I wait. With hope, I have waited
Wounds have healed and the battle has ended
Now I see light, a glimpse of victory
And sweet will be the taste of my liberty

– March 9, 2016