Lurk In Shadows (Part 3)

lurk in shadows

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Author’s Note: This is part 3 and probably the final part. Perhaps I should continue the story but let’s see if I’ll find some time and inspiration to do so. Here’s part 1 and part 2.

Where no one bothers, I’m at my best at night
It’s when I let go and have a taste of life
It’s the anticipation, hoping for a chance
It’s the dreaming, it’s staring at you from afar

It’s the wait, the excitement to see you in sight
When you’re here at last, it’s that rush to get me high
When you’re nonchalant, unmindful and carefree
To watch your every move, that’s my liberty

Imagine my surprise when I saw you at lunch
I was exposed, my invisibility’s gone
Confused, not sure I’d like us to meet right now
As I’m contented to lurk in shadows for now

– November 10, 2015

Lurk In Shadows (Part 2)

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Author’s Note: Here’s Lurk In Shadows (Part 1).

Quietly minding and eating my lunch
Then a Goddess of Beauty appears! You!
You sit beside me, place your tray then smile
Forced myself to smile lamely back at you

This is the moment, my one and only chance
Building my courage to speak and say hi
I open my mouth but no words come out
Can’t move! I feel my heart is about to blast

Where’s Harry Potter’s cloak when I need one?
Damn! I was caught off guard in broad daylight
Now you’re leaving without even saying bye
Got no choice but to lurk in shadows tonight

– November 9, 2015

Lurk In Shadows (Part 1)

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Author’s Note: I’ve been wanting to write a short story but I’m struggling with it so I’ll try this instead. Let’s see if I can make a short story through poetry. I’ll do this in part. I have 3 inspirations for the first part: (1) You by Caroline Kepnes and (2) Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, and the main inspiration is (3) Dark Templar, a unit in Blizzard’s Starcraft video game.

Lurking in shadows, hiding from moonlight
Counting time, observing the passersby
Hoping to have a glance of you tonight
Wondering if you will ever cross my path

Been staring at the horizon, where are you?
Trying to be patient, what must I do?
It’s getting late, I must go now, my love
My effort has failed, this is all non-sense

Morning has come, now I do my routine
But something seems off, it just doesn’t fit
Ignore and carry on; wait for the dusk
Then lurk in shadows in the usual spot.

– November 6, 2015