My Agony

I live in struggle with my agony
My mind is screaming, asking for relief
Let me free, save me from my misery
Take me to a place where there is no grief

When I found hope to end my frustration
It was taken and I was left alone
With my own thoughts leading to destruction
Now I’m more trapped in this sickening zone

Now I’m defeated by my agony
I gave up, I surrendered to my mess
My mind fought but it’s my reality
To rock bottom – it’s where I will regress

– October 16, 2017

False Hope

I’m floating in a limbo; I’m getting antsy
To have false hope is something I don’t fancy

I’m waiting for a call; I’m hoping for good news
Will it soon mark the end? Please give me the cues

I know, patience is a virtue; it’s worth the wait
If it’s meant to be, then I just have to trust fate

If it’s a no then stay! There’s nowhere else to go
Then I’ll bide my time, back to following the flow

Back to my comfort and succumb to my misery
Just accept and learn from this prolonged agony

It’d be a disappointment but what else to do?
Believe in destiny; someday, I’ll get there, too

– September 12, 2016

Take Away My Misery

photo obtained from

photo obtained from

Take away my bitterness
Set me from my misery
I’m longing for your caress
But I just want to be free

Are all these pains still worth it?
When will all my sorrows end?
Desperate for us to meet
But I need my space to mend

Take away my misery
Set me from my ache and rage
Longing for simplicity
I know it should start with change

Forget all the selfishness
Stop the blame, let’s start anew
Still longing for your embrace
But it needs to come from you, too

Take away my woes and stress
Set me from my misery
Now, I need my happiness
Maybe, it’s time to be free

– written on April 10, 2015